Repair PDF: 7 Reasonsf or Corrupted PDF


The PDF is an essential file format that everyone widely uses; it is a multi-featured format utilized in various ways. People use it for document presentation, digital and electronic printing, for file sharing, transferring, and publishing of information across the web. Moreover, users everywhere enjoy its benefits, such as superior protection through data encryption, mobility, and interactive features. 

However, PDF documents can become corrupted or damaged. This situation makes it difficult to open or read documents. In this article, Repair PDF: 7 Reasons for Corrupted PDF, you will know how to repair a pdf when it becomes corrupted. You will also learn why files become corrupted and get ideas on how to avoid such from happening.

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Common Reasons for a Corrupted PDF

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PDF is among the most accurate and reliable file formats. Nonetheless, several factors can interfere with its accuracy. Here is the list of these common reasons your file becomes corrupted and how to do  PDF repair.

  • Files become corrupted during download

It would be best if you always secure a stable internet connection. When downloading a PDF and connectivity interruption occurs, the file will be corrupted. So, to minimize this risk, you should always have a stable connection.

  • Incompatible software

If you use any incompatible software, try to open a PDF file, this might modify your file, and corruption happens. Therefore, it is very vital to use the right software for your files. 

  • Corruption may occur when there are hard disk problems

PDF files can be damaged when a hard disk crashes. Some bits of data might get lost after a minor crash. However, the file will most likely be corrupted and will not open if the data lost was part of the PDF. The hard disk can lose the file completely. It’s always best to make sure that your hard disk is not faulty. Below are the most common reasons hard disks fail. 

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  1. System errors
  2. Unstable power supply
  3. Fading or missing sectors
  1. File sharing or transferring. 

File sharing or transferring online is easy and fast. Nonetheless, a PDF file can become corrupted during the process. This corruption is possible if the internet connection fails or is interrupted. When this happens, the receiver shall receive a damaged or useless file.

  • PDF may become corrupted during the creation, saving, and uploading

When a sudden power failure happens during creation, saving, and uploading, a PDF file might become corrupted. Unlike your internet connectivity, a sudden power failure is out of your hand. So, it is better to save your file once you enter or input a significant amount of data.

  • Virus attack 

When viruses or malware infect your computer, they will surely damage your files stored in the system. These two can either corrupt your PDF files by overwriting or modifying them. That is why you should update your antivirus software. 

  • Encoding 

At times, some email service providers encode huge files, including PDF files, to facilitate a faster transfer. Nonetheless, specific problems may arise from this strategy. One issue that might arise is at the receiving end. The files are not decoded, and therefore they appear to be corrupted.

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Repair PDF with GogoPDF

So, now what should you do if your files get corrupted. Are the files useless already and cannot be retrieved? Well, the answer is no! You can repair your files. GogoPDF is here to help you out. Try it and see how easy and straightforward it is. Fix your corrupted file for free. 

  1. Choose the file you want to repair. You can get it from your online storage or your device. You can also get files by dragging and dropping the PDF file into the toolbox. 
  2. GogoPDF will repair your file in a few minutes. Please wait for it to either entirely or partially recover your file. The result is based on how much damage there is on your file. However, rest assured that GogoPDF will recover as much data as possible. 
  3. Once your file is repaired, you can now share it via email or copy a sharing link provided by the site and send it to your recipient. When sharing via email, you can include a personalized message. 
  4. You can now download the restored PDF to your computer or any device. You may also upload it directly from the site to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Lastly, you may also copy the file link to share your repaired PDF on any of your social media accounts.

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In A Nutshell

Internet connection, the hard disk, and software are the primary factors that affect a PDF file. Once your hard disk is faulty, your internet connection is unstable, and your software is incompatible – your PDF will be corrupted. Thus, it needs repair. 

Your old antivirus software and encoding large PDF files also result in corrupted or damaged files. An online tool like GogoPDF provides you with a solution to the dilemma brought about by damages in your file. It will restore your file in the best possible way. The good news is it is free, fast, and reliable.