Can You Convert XLS to PDF Without Changing the Format?

The advancement in technology makes everything done digitally. It includes making documents in various formats. Doing documents electronically is a lot easier, especially for students, professionals, and even investors. 

But not all understand Excel format and PDF. Spreadsheets in Excel format are very common in creating, storing, managing, and organizing data. 

Meanwhile, PDF is used by businesses around the world. Its goal is to allow everyone to access documents from any application. Using PDF is a smart decision because such a format is very versatile. It is because PDF is accessible anywhere and you can print the document if necessary. It is set up to look like the same layouts, no matter which device the user is on. You can expect to have the original file without changing the layout. 

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Most people believe having their documents in PDF is the most convenient. One drawback of using Excel is incompatibility. This means your excel may or may not be compatible with the Excel that is being used at work or school.

The good thing is there is an option to avoid the incompatibility issue. All you have to do is convert the Excel spreadsheet to PDF. Learning the ways of converting Excel to PDF and its benefits is a great help.

How to Convert to PDF

Now converting to PDF is very easy because many programs can let you do that. You can choose between using an online program to convert files. One online tool you can use to convert XLS to PDF is GogoPDF.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Choose the Excel file you will change to PDF. You can drag and drop the file in the conversion box of the online tool.
  2. The online tool will run and convert the Excel to PDF.
  3. Wait for the process to complete within a few minutes.
  4. Once done, you can download to your computer the converted PDF file. If you will send the PDF to others, all you have to do is copy the link and share it with the recipients.  

You can use an offline program to do the conversion process, especially for sensitive information. There are many other programs or tools you can find on the Internet. When using the offline program, drop the file and click the convert button. 

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Benefits of Converting XLS to PDF

Sending Excel spreadsheets may lead to various issues, such as alteration of layout and others. We know Excel is a great help in gathering and organizing data. That’s why many businesses are using such a format in creating databases. The same thing with students and professionals making tables and others that only Excel can do. 

If the data is incorrect or in form because it’s translated wrong, then your plan crumbles. Most likely, sending spreadsheets to another computer may cause the layout disorganized. With this, there’s a significant possibility the data may not be accurate. 

Correct Format

Converting the Excel files to PDF is the easiest way to fix the issue about formatting. When converting to PDF, the format of the file’s layout is correct. The recipient will receive the file as is the original Excel spreadsheet. 

Easy to Use

PDF is the best option to use when making presentations. You can easily set up the presentation in slides to make everything organized. The viewer can easily understand the data in the presentation. It kept the layout in Excel format when converted to PDF. You can even graph and add images in the presentation. The best thing about using PDF for the presentation is creating a design that makes it more attention-grabber.

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Password Protection

Data theft is very common in the business industry. Thus, to avoid corporate espionage, it is best to convert the Excel spreadsheet to PDF. It will protect the sensitive and confidential information of the company. 

Even if you only keep that file on your computer, it’s still easy to hack. With this, it is a best practice to ensure the security of the company by keeping the computer password protected. A PDF file is ideal because it carries a password only the user knows. 

Aside from encrypting passwords on the computer, it is ideal to put passwords in the file. By this, it would be difficult to crack the password and steal the file and information. 

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Works on Any Operating System

Formatting in Excel is challenging, especially if you don’t have adequate knowledge about it. Another problem is, when you send the Excel file to another recipient using another computer, issues may transpire. It is because there’s a significant possibility that the format and layout may change in other operating systems.

If the recipient is using an operating system that does not support Excel, everything will look different. There are some features of Excel that are not available in the Mac operating system. Some features of Excel would not translate in Mac operating system because it doesn’t support it.

While in PDF, you can expect that any operating system supports such a format. Even the operating system in mobile and Android phones supports PDF. Thus, making it accessible anytime and anywhere you need to send a file. You need not worry about the operating system the recipient is using. Because PDF file is accessible and will open to any operating system. 

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Easy to Print

Excel works well in organizing data. But it may look messy when printed. When making a spreadsheet for business sales, involves many variables and 

Excel is very good at computing sales and other variables. To ensure the spreadsheet will remain the same when printed, the best thing to do is have it converted to PDF. This way, you can expect clear statistics. 

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Nowadays, organizing and storing documents is more convenient and easier. Nothing to worry about the unorganized results when sending an Excel spreadsheet to another recipient. PDF allows people to collaborate. It provides strong security with your confidential files. Always use a reliable format by converting the Excel file to PDF