4 Easy Tricks to Get Free Instagram Followers

After spending hours and hours creating content for your Instagram page, hitting the “Share” button could mean two things: your post going viral or ends in complete silence. Most of the time, we’re facing the later one. Content is the key to get a handful of free Instagram followers. It’s not a secret that good, quality content could engage more fans.

There are a few tips you can do to gain followers while at the same time gaining free Instagram likes as well. 

1. Optimize your bio

The first step to getting free Instagram followers is to create an interesting bio. Make the best of those 150 words, tell the world who you are, things you love, or what motivates you. At least your Instagram bio should cover a short description of yourself, your personality, a call to action (call, contact us, read more), a link to your website.

The link in your bio should only be clickable, so better test it first before sharing it. Usually, business accounts use the standard link to connect to their websites or their marketplace. Sometimes, they often change their posts regularly. If you want to approach more straightforward steps, you can use Shop Grid to turn a single link into many links.

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To reach and getting free followers for Instagram, you need to include branded hashtags as well. To sell your product, make sure to include your brand’s hashtag so people can search your brand more accessible. When anyone taps or searches the hashtag, all the posts should be related to your product only.

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2. Find your best time to post on Instagram.

There’s no definitive answer to the question, “when is the best time to post in Instagram?” There’s no specific point of a day when you can reach more people than usual. But, selecting the proper time to post isn’t as hard as you think. 

Instagram already provides users with a tool called Insights. By tapping the Insights button, you can see detailed information about your audience. From there, you can dig deeper to get the best time when your followers are most active.


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3. Post consistently

To get new free Instagram followers and also maintaining the current community, you always need consistency. On average, business accounts share four Instagram posts per week. The individuals may do it harder, reaching three to five posts each day. Brands with the best flow (constantly consistently posting) will get the most engagement. 

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Following the same algorithm similar to Google, Instagram wants its users to keep posting their best content. If your posts get shared regularly and have a good engagement, Instagram will likely put you on the front page of your followers’ feed.

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4. Experiment with different content types.

While being consistent with your posts, you can add more variants to your content. It won’t g hurt your popularity, as long as the contents meet the demands of your audience. Instagram is not a place for pictures only. It is entering a stage where videos are getting more engagement than pictures only. Try to use its best features, like IGTV or story highlights. This way, you can get more followers, and at the same time, free Instagram likes.