Importance of Demo Classes in E-Learning

Over the last few years, we have been seeing a transition from traditional learning to digital and modern forms. Leaving behind the conventional classrooms, online education is resulting to be more fruitful for students. This is the reason that e-learning platforms are growing rapidly. There is tough competition going on in online education courses. 

Every day a new course is being launched. To make your course the most effective and preferred one, first giving a few demo classes to students is advisable. A demo class is a class in which a teacher teaches a particular topic to students to make them know the teaching patterns, skills, and course effectiveness. Let us discuss the importance of demo classes in e-learning courses. 

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Importance of demo classes for e-learning courses 

  1. To enhance course services 

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Today in the field of e-learning courses, a cut-to-cut competition is going on. Every educator is trying to be more effective than their competitors. To do so, including quality customer services in your course is important. The demo class facility is one such service. When learners will get to know that your course is offering demo sessions, it’s very obvious that they will be attracted to your particular course only. This will add to your market image and help in growing professionally. 

  1. Help students in the right decision making

There is no point in getting enrollments, making students attend the classes if they are not getting the satisfaction and desired results. This can affect your customer reviews, future deals, and market image. Many students first join the course and later regret their decisions. In such cases, demo classes are very helpful. By attending a demo class, students become familiar with the teaching patterns, course services, and plans. This helps them to make the right decisions whether they have to go for your online course or not. Demo sessions are always learner-friendly. 

  1. Help teachers know students’ needs and make necessary additions or changes 

When teachers take students for feedback in demo classes, they can get to know how much students are satisfied and what more they expect from the online course. This helps in making necessary changes and additions well in advance. One by one you can ask students how the learning feedback was and jot down their suggestions, and opinions. 

  1. To win students’ trust

Many students are reluctant or confused about whether to go for your online course or not. By teaching effectively in demo classes you can win the customer’s or students’ interest. By getting a proper academic understanding, and course details, students will be impressed. This will help you to win their trust, make them believe in you, and regarding how to sell online courses at a faster rate. 

  1. Demo classes can be recorded for course promotion

How to tell people that you conduct demo sessions or how to get them attracted to your demo classes further? The one answer to these questions is to record the demo classes you give. Whenever you give any demo class to students, record it. Now upload this recorded session on your different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube channel, Facebook page, etc. 

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Don’t forget to take students’ feedback in the demo class. When internet users will have a look at your demo session videos, by listening to students’ reviews, they will get a better or more honest idea of your course services and effectiveness. This will help regarding how to create an online course and promote it efficiently for generating more sales. 

Demo class teaching tips 

  1. Keep it free of cost: demo classes are very crucial for your online course promotion and success. So try to keep it free of cost. Charging for demo classes will not help to get more student enrollments. Not all students prefer paying for demo sessions. So keep it free of cost. Have offers like those who will register for the demo class till a particular date, will be allowed to attend the class for free. 
  2. Prepare for your demo session in advance: demo classes are very important to win students’ trust and sell your online course successfully. So make sure that you prepare for your demo class properly. Don’t conduct the class without any plan of action. This can result in an unsystematic and vague teaching experience. Plan well, have in-depth subject knowledge, and prepare effectively. 
  3. Use audio-visual tools to teach: by using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, visual notes, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker so make sure to teach via these tools. 


For effective online course selling, giving free demo sessions to students is beneficial. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the importance of demo classes in e-learning programs. We also discussed a few tips that online educators can follow to teach effectively in demo classes.