Car power inverter buying guide

 When driving long distances, it does not matter if our phones or laptops run out of battery when there is only a standard charger. Most cars are not equipped with ac 110v / 220v power. In such a situation, the electric inverter working with the car effectively keeps such instability away from you, the electric car inverter converts 12v dc to a standard 110v (or 120v, 220v, 230v, 240v) ac for power supply to a small house. Equipment. But, there are a lot of things we need to look at when we use a car inverter that is not well known to us, so, good releases this purchase document so you can choose the right electric inverter.

We all know, no matter what the price, regardless of the type of car, has one or more 12v power, the 12v dc electric motors are most commonly used for gambling cigarettes, tachographs or other tools. But these power supplies are very low, and are dc power, they cannot be used for standard house 110v / 220v (120v, 230v, 240v) ac ac devices, such as laptops, hair dryers, and phone chargers. So, you just need to buy an electric inverter for the car to power such equipment from 12v cigarette lighter lights. 

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How to choose the right car inverter?

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There are many electric inverter brands in car parts on the streets, electronics stores and online stores, priced from tens to hundreds of dollars, or even thousands of dollars. And power supplies from tens to hundreds of watts, to thousands of watts (kilowatts).

For regular home users, purchasing a car inverter with high voltage limits below 200 watts is quite enough. Because most of the family cars’ 12v safe electric motors are less than or equal to 20a, meaning that the most permitted equipment is approx. 230 watt and some old approved cars are now even 10a safe, so we don’t have to buy a high-voltage inverter for your car. Currently, most 12v lightweight integrated car inverters are used for electrical appliances less than 150 watts.

For some outdoor workers, if they want to use high-power electrical appliances, they may opt for direct battery-connected electric inverters. Such car models can provide 500 watts or even more power, can drive other small cars and 1000 watt or higher power.

There are several types of electric inverters, in addition to antique items and brakes, that have a significant difference in performance. Currently, there are two major types of car inverter pure sine wave inverter and quasi-sine wave inverter in the market for sale. Where the pure sine wave inverter price is high, the price ranges from $100 to thousands of dollars, its performance is very good. The quasi-sine wave or modified sine wave cheap inverter, is a class of square wave inverter, usually stability can be guaranteed, it is the most cost-effective motor inverter for customers.

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Automotive power inverter used and careful

The fuse of a 12v dc electric motor cannot stand up high now, yes, this is not a connected measure, in most cases, the cars will be designed which is more permissible now at 15a or 20a. There are also a few cars, especially some older cars, that use the 10a fuse. So, if we are using an electric car inverter, we want to know that the value of a 12v dc electric fuse is now allowed, do not buy blind to buy an electric inverter, or use an electric motor, otherwise, you will burn your car fuse with no other benefits but more expensive.

In our daily life, digital devices such as mobile phones, xbox 360, cameras, laptops, tablet computers, shaver etc., the power consumed during charging is very low, as low as 100 watts or less. But other heating devices such as a hair dryer, heater, electric hot water bottle, etc., consume up to 1000 watts or more, which are not connected at all to electrical inverter.

Be careful, harassment is dangerous

Some of us may be worried about, if the current is too high when you use an electric 300w power inverter for car, other than a car inverter and a 12v fuse, it also burns or damages other equipment? In vision, every device inside the car is in a parallel circuit, so it only affects the use of 12v dc electricity or a new fuse, otherwise, the equipment will not be affected.

Read the prescribed car inverter before using it

Currently, there are some cheap car inverters on the market, due to lower prices, which output 110v (120v, 220v, 230v, 240v) ac power is not pure sine wave, but fixed square wave or quasi-sine wave. The downside is, it has a huge impact on nickel-cadmium battery charging and discharging. Typical devices have nickel-cadmium battery shavers, rechargeable flashlights, portable battery packs, and more.

On the other hand, in most “old” cars, the 12v cigarette light bulbs do not just turn off after parking the car. Because the electric inverter itself has a power outlet or a 12v motor with no disconnected power supply, the electric inverter consumes batteries even without a device connected to the inverter.

Now, what can we do about powerful electronic devices? In fact, it is quite simple. We can connect the electric inverter to car batteries directly when we use high-power electrical appliances (usually more than 150 watts). But you should pay attention to the amount of battery, do not waste the battery out to avoid the car can not turn off.