To What Extent Can Image Enhancement Impact Real Estate Sales?


One of the most important things while registering a real estate sale is the photographs used in listing the property. The first impression generally drives the attention of the customers and their interest in purchasing a property. It is often seen that the images used in property listing are raw and project an unattractive image in the customer’s mindset. Raw photographs fail to deliver and reflect the true beauty of any property. It is necessary to reveal the real impression through an image to boost the chances of conducting a successful business in real estate. Image enhancement can benefit your business by driving more potential customers with attractive and attention-grabbing images. 

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What is Image Enhancement 

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Image enhancement is a popular technique that utilizes technology to transform raw photographs into attractive and enhanced pictures. The technique is vigorously important in real estate businesses as mostly pictures of a property are one of the first things that a customer notices and looks at. With the growing use of digital platforms like websites and mobile applications to look for property, the requirement for image enhancement increases. Image enhancement requires several modern image editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop that require expertise to enhance the image perfectly. 

Advantages of image enhancement 

Image enhancement offers several advantages in real estate businesses to drive the customer crazy for a property. A few of the many advantages image enhancement brings to your real estate business are:

  1. Flawless pictures

Image enhancement transforms your listing images into eye-catchy, attractive, and flawless images that highlight critical features of the property. 

  1. Enhanced representation on electronic media

While posting the image on any website or social media requires a high-resolution image with enhanced representation. It helps the image communicate better with potential clients and eventually generates more leads. 

  1. High prices lead to higher commissions.

Statistically speaking, 63% of properties were sold without the actual site seeing in 2020. These stats highlight the remarkable help image enhancement offers to real-estate businesses. A good quality image with specifics can lead to higher prices for property and ultimately higher commissions. 

  1. Pocket-friendly turnaround for images

Image enhancement is not a very expensive practice. You can get your images edited by professionals in no time using only a fraction of the money compared to the benefits it will be drawing in.

Why does real estate require Image enhancement to drive sales? 

Real estate is a business-driven by images in this 21st century. Traditionally it was not required as there was no such thing as real estate websites or applications. Instead, customers used to visit the site physically and plan to buy accordingly. Tables have turned, and everything has been shifting online on digital platforms. People nowadays prefer scrolling countless images of properties until they settle for something that makes their eyes roll. Image enhancement is beneficial in creating eye-catchy images to attract potential leads. 

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Dos of image enhancement for real estate 

While going for image enhancement, there is a certain flow that you must follow to create great images that attract potential customers. Here is how you can figure out the best real estate photo editing services with this step by step guide to transforming your images:

  1. Cropping

Cropping refers to eliminating unnecessary parts from the picture to make it more desirable. However, you should ensure that you must not crop fixtures like air conditioners and television satellites as they can become manipulative.

  1. Straightening

Straightening brings an aesthetic look and impression to your images. It balances your pictures’ horizontal and vertical symmetry to give them a more appealing look.

  1. Brightness correction

Brightness correction deals with changing the intensity of an image to show details correctly. 

  1. Color correction

The color of an image can be affected by exterior and interior lighting, camera settings and much more. To rectify these obstructions, you must go through a color correction of the image. 

  1. Sharpening

Sharpening brings a sharper appearance to an image. It is a powerful image enhancement tool that draws the viewer’s focus by emphasizing the textures of an image.

  1. Sky replacement

It is one of the favorite techniques for transforming photos with gloomy skies. You can replace dull skies with sunny, bright ones with sky replacement.

  1. Removal of unnecessary items
  1. Addition of required objects
  1. White balance 

White balance removes unwanted colors from images to make objects that look white in real look white in the photo. 

  1. Dust or spots removal

While clicking the photo, there are times when the dust on the camera sensor can lead to fuzzy and black spots in pictures. This is one of the significant image enhancement processes to eliminate destructions from your image.

How outsourcing your image enhancement requirements is beneficial? 

The image enhancement process might sound simple, but when it comes to producing high-quality images, professional help is required. Several real estate image enhancement services providers offer image and enhancement for real estate uses. These images are perfectly configured to draw attention with image specifics in the right place, eliminating distractions while viewing an image. Outsourcing our image enhancement requirements help you bring professional image quality, eventually benefiting your business with leads.