What Are Audiobooks?

Earlier everyone used to think that the only source of gaining knowledge is reading books, you read books you learn; as time changed various modes of acquiring knowledge were introduced. E-books, PDFs, online courses and educational videos were created for the learning of students from anywhere and at any time, making education accessible to more and more learners. All these resources play a crucial role in today’s education system, as they are not like the traditional means of education in which students and teachers have to be present at the same place or at the same time. And there has been a new and recent addition to this list of educational resources and tools, which is widely being used and liked by everyone for its some great advantages; and this new resource is “audiobooks”. You may have gotten some idea from the name itself, what it is. In the article, we will know more about it and will also discuss how audiobooks can be used for educational purposes? So keep reading

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What Are Audiobooks?

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Audiobooks are the audio recordings of the texts of the books, which you can listen to; the books are recorded word-to-word or an abridged version. Students can listen to it on their phones, laptops or any other device, audiobooks give the options to the learners to listen to books on the go which they can’t do with ebooks or PDFs. Students can download audiobooks either from online platforms for free or by paying for them. The biggest advantage of audiobooks is for the learners with visual disabilities or students with dyslexia, as they can’t read the books properly but with audiobooks, they can listen to them and learn. 

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How To Use Audiobooks In Classroom

Now that we know what audiobooks are, let’s see how they can be used in offline and online classes.

Introduction: The very first thing that teachers need to do is introduce students to audiobooks, and let them know what it is and how it can be beneficial for them. As students are habitual of reading books, listening to books can be quite tricky for them at starting, so start with simple exercises where teachers can initially start by making students listen to normal conversational books or storytelling books. Through this students can get a basic idea about audiobooks.

For Teaching: Audiobooks are a great way to develop the listening skills of the students, teachers can share audiobooks with the students before starting a chapter on the online teaching app and instruct them to listen to it. And then ask questions from the students, it will also create a flipped classroom environment which will motivate students to learn on their own and not just depend on teachers for explaining and teaching everything; which is a good way for encouraging them to self-learning.  

For Taking Tests: Teachers can use audiobooks for taking tests, instead of giving questions to the students, teachers can play the recording of the audiobook and students can listen carefully so they listen to it and recall their learned knowledge. This is a great way to test students’ knowledge about their concepts as well as their listening abilities. This method is especially used by the ESL or language teachers, to check the listening and understanding skills of students, and can also be used by other subject teachers.

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Add Audiobooks In Libraries: Today every school and the educational institute is making greater use of technology and are digitalising every aspect of their infrastructure, like using the online education app for teaching, thus they can also digitalise their libraries too. And they can add e-books and newsletters in their digital libraries and should also add audiobooks to libraries from where students can listen to them on rent or by using their digital library pass. The addition of such latest and most engaging learning resources in their libraries will stimulate students to read, listen and learn.

Use In Case Studies: Audiobooks are good tools for teaching students the analysis of case studies, as by listening to audiobooks of case studies students can better understand the scenario and perspective of the subject; which will help them to come up with better solutions.