Create A Wedding Mood Board with These 5 Easy Steps 


The pandemic’s impact on weddings—the entire events industry—has been one that we couldn’t have planned for. Brides, along with event planners and vendors worldwide, have navigated through the challenges involved in lockdowns that postponed weddings and canceled celebrations. 

The weeks of no gatherings turned into months of lockdowns, and the varying regulations regarding celebrations from state to state didn’t help. If anything, these have made planning anything but easy and the ongoing health concerns may affect how we approach weddings for good. 

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We’ve spent most of 2020 witnessing small weddings and intimate celebrations, with many of them hosted at home. But, with the continuous global rollout of vaccines, we may be looking at brighter days ahead. If you’re one of the many who are resuming wedding plans this year, you may be doing a lot of changes, and what better way to restart than with a mood board? 

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How a Wedding Mood Board Can Help 

A mood board is a visual collection of materials such as images, texts, and color palettes that evoke a particular style or concept. Creative professionals, including photographers, illustrators, and filmmakers, use mood boards to communicate the overall feel of an idea. It serves as a visual reference for the rest of the team and a basis for improvement. 

But, with mood boards, we are already past the time when we would paste cutouts and printouts to physical boards. Today, you can gather your ideas digitally and put them all together in a single document. To save your file in an easily accessible and secure format, one good option is to convert your Word to PDF. We’ll discuss more of this later in the article. 

  • It’s a great way to brainstorm 

You imagine your wedding in blush and gold. But, what if these colors don’t coordinate with your venue or its overall aesthetic? This is more likely to happen if you’re moving your venue at a short notice. Having a mood board is a great way to visualize your dream wedding and make changes wherever necessary. 

  • It can keep you on track 

It’s hard to imagine all the details that go into a wedding without seeing them side by side. A mood board is basically the visual representation of your big day that allows you to see whether its individual components look cohesive side by side. It helps you to stay in the mood throughout the process. 

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  • It keeps everyone on the same page 

A mood board is also something your vendors will appreciate. It allows them to better envision what you want your wedding to look like from the colors to the venue and overall aesthetic. But, by far the most appealing benefit of all is that it streamlines the planning process by reducing the need to consult you from time to time. With the benefits of having a wedding mood board established, let’s get started on how you can create one for your big day. 

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How to Create a Wedding Mood Board 

Step 1: Discuss wedding plans with your partner 

Before you take things online, do a little offline work by discussing your wedding plans with your partner. Some points you will have to talk through include the overall mood of the wedding. Think of words like intimate, laid-back, nostalgic, or warm to describe your wedding vibe. 

Step 2: Start collecting elements for your mood board 

This is a great time to browse through Pinterest and explore hundreds of wedding inspirations. You can temporarily use the platform’s boards to separate different wedding themes and colors if you haven’t decided on these factors yet. 

Step 3: Narrow down your search 

As you go through Pinterest, you’re bound to gravitate toward a particular theme. When you arrive at this point, it should be easier to drop some of your boards and focus on the one that best caught your attention. From there, focus on the more intricate details such as flowers, stationery, cake, rings, attires, etc.

Step 4: Arrange them in your mood board 

Probably the best yet most time-consuming part of creating a mood board is arranging them onto the board. Group your images according to their purpose (e.g. venue, attire, flowers, catering, etc.). Here, you’ll likely come across images that don’t match with any. Don’t be afraid to discard them and replace them with another. 

Step 5: Convert your mood board to PDF and share it 

The main benefit of creating a digital mood board is that you can easily add or remove images and rearrange them as you go. Once everything is final, save it as a Word Document and convert it to a PDF file—a ready-to-share format that anyone can easily access. 

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Convert Your Mood Board to PDF 

What’s great about a PDF file is that it supports texts, hyperlinks, and other rich content. Plus, it maintains the original format of the document, regardless of where it is viewed. 

PDFBear is an online tool where you can convert Word files to PDF. All you have to do is visit the site, upload your document, wait for the conversion to finish, and download the converted PDF. Now that you have your wedding mood board, all that’s left to do is share it!