Grand Seiko 9F Collection: Revolutionary Quartz Watches


We all know that Swiss watches are the most coveted because of their high quality and grandeur. Guess what? Grand Seiko proved that Japanese brands like theirs could also make it to the top. The founders behind this fantastic watch are Daini Seikosha and Suwa Seikosha, Seiko Corporation’s two subsidiaries. Together they established Grand Seiko, and within six years of production, it already made a name in the watch industry.

The parent company, Seiko, guided this new watch model to reach the goal of hitting the market. Men’s watches are under Suwa, while the women’s watches are Daini’s. Its success was highlighted by the victory of Seiko at Concours’ astronomical observatory as well as the Tokyo Olympics. Today, we will unravel one of the Quartz models of Grand Seiko, the 9F Series.

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The History

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In 1963, Seiko produced quartz watches, the Crystal Chronometer QC-951, the portable ones that are battery-operated. What makes it unique is the accuracy performed, as it consumes little power. The precision it achieved was 0.2 seconds per day and almost 15 seconds in a whole month! During those times, that accuracy is unconventional for its kind.

Moving forward, Seiko then released its first quartz wall clock in 1969. In addition to this is the revolutionary quartz wristwatch, the Seiko Astron, which provides an accuracy of 5 seconds per month. Years had passed, and in 1993 Seiko revealed another milestone to its quartz collection. That’s when the single movement Grand Seiko 9F Series emerged.

The Features

Seiko and Grand Seiko have lived to their vision of producing quartz timepieces with the best features ever told. Thus, the rise of the 9F movement began. Imagine how fantastic this collection is, as no one has copied the features of this series up to this day. 

The most famous quality of 9F movement is the excellent mechanism of twin pulse motor control. As the 9F quartz moves, each tick equaled the double movements beneath. That movement extends the battery’s life and supplies power to the full-sized dauphine Seiko hands. 

Another great feature that Grand Seiko boasts of is the sealed cabin, ensuring zero contamination. Compared to other luxury quartz watches, the 9F collection doesn’t have gaps that allow dust to enter. It also works to optimize the lubrication of the clock, which enables it to be functional for more than 50 years. Hence, Grand Seiko is known in the world for its most prolonged service interval.

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The Remarkable Models

Grand Seiko watch models possess marvelous features such as three-year battery life with an accuracy of +/- 10 seconds per year, stainless steel exterior, and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. In addition, it has Lumibrite hands and indicators too.

Grand Seiko GMT Quartz SBGN 005

  • Caliber 9F86 featuring GMT function 
  • Case diameter is 39mm; thickness is 12.1mm; weighs 149 grams
  • Ultra-thin aesthetic with three dimensions
  • Screw-lock crown and water resistance of 10 bar or more than 100 meters
  • Date display, 24-hour hand, stop-second hand
  • Tri-fold clasp, opened by a push-button

Grand Seiko SBGX261

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • 37mm case, thickness is 10mm
  • Movement is Caliber 9F62
  • Black dial with Lumibrite hands
  • Steel bracelet, folding clasp

Grand Seiko SBGX335

  • 43.6mm case diameter, 13mm thick, stainless steel body
  • Caliber 9F61 movement
  • Black dial with Lumibrite hands
  • Steel bracelet, folding clasp
  • 200 meters water resistance
  • Screwed down case back

Grand Seiko SBGX259

  • Smaller case diameter 
  • Refined mirror inner face with satin-finished exterior
  • 205mm band perimeter
  • Weighs 134 grams

Grand Seiko SBGX337

  • Diver’s watch precise mechanism
  • Stainless steel body; dimensions: 133mm thick x 50.6mm width x 43.6mm height
  • Stainless steel bezel (protects against reverse rotation)
  • Exquisite blue dial
  • Weighs 204 grams
  • Caliber 9F61

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9F Quartz Advantage

There is no doubt that the 9F Quartz is the most refined and elegant movement currently available. Grand Seiko first established many of the particular features of this 9F Quartz in 1993, and as of this day, competitors are unable to replicate many of them. The company focuses on quality in all its other collections. 

Aside from that, the Grand Seiko collection is known to be the best watch for functionality and affordability, featuring a 9F quartz movement that results in Grand Seiko being an excellent brand. What’s more? The thermo-compensation detects the change in temperature 500 times/day to resist extreme conditions, while the unique coil block ensures total efficiency.

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Final Words

With all the leading luxury watch brands in the world, Grand Seiko stood up for its excellence. Competing with Swiss watches and hit the market says a lot about the quality of these extraordinary timepieces. It may not be that old in the watch industry, but it had already proved its worth. 

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