5 Benefits Of A Trucking Dash Cam

Truck dashcams have become more and more popular in recent years as per the recent studies conducted by the logistics industry. At the time of driving, fleet dashcams can absolutely record and stream live every detail on the road and inside the vehicle. There are numerous benefits for truckers to use a fleet dashcam in a ramification of different situations. Here is the listing of the 5 major benefits of using a truck dascam.

  1. Evidence of a vehicle accident

Most of the fleet operators across the globe installing the fleet dashcams on their trucks and cars is because the fleet dashcam video recordings are used as evidence in case of any accident occurrences.

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The fleet dashcam cameras record both the cabin view, driver driving and his faces and road view, the vehicle movement on the roads. Based on the camera recording from both cameras, it will be easy to know the reason behind the accident and also act as evidence. 

  1. Driver Behaviour monitoring

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Drivers spend the majority of their working time on driving and if incidents occur just because any carelessness will lead to major loss to lives, consignment, and organizational reputation. It would be difficult for the fleet manager to evaluate the driver’s behaviour such as smoking and driving, drowsiness, talking and driving, taking the eye from the road, these details can’t be accessed from the telematics devices also, as it provides only speed, braking patterns and idling details.

With the aid of the fleet dashcam, the fleet manager can assess the real-time driver tracking, driver behaviour monitoring or can access the recorded clips from the dashcam technology. If there are any cases where the driver has done any careless driving, it would be easy to identify and ask the driver not to repeat such occurrences in the future.

Also, it would be easy for the fleet operators to have visual evidence in case of accidents, vehicle damages, and any safety issues that can be identified easily with the aid of fleet dashcam technology.

  1. Supports for Driver Training programs

The fleet dashcam technology helps in the driver training programs, as the installed camera will provide the way of a driver driving and his behavioural natures during the training period, this gives better insights to the fleet manager for evaluating the performance of the driver. 

The same fleet dashcam helps the fleet manager when the vehicle is en route to dispatching the consignments. Any abnormal activities done by the driver will alert the fleet manager on the application, so that, the fleet manager can call and ask the driver to follow the protocol.

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Also, the fleet manager can get the videos from the software application and assess the driver performances overall from various trips, if there is any driver, who has issues in driving patterns, the fleet manager may ask the driver to take the coaching more to improve his performance.

  1. Insurance fraud prevention

Insurance fraud is one of the common forms of fraud that is occurring in today’s scenario. Say for example, if the truck driver has caused the accident and puts the blame on the other party to protect himself from the accident issue. 

The next reason is to claim the insurance amount from the vehicle insurance by claiming false accidents and create fake injury to claim insurance or protect the driver himself to be blamed.

In such occurrences, the role of dashcam plays a major role in identifying the real incident that occurred during the road trip. The dashcam recordings of both the cabin view (driver behaviour monitoring) and road view (front road view of the vehicle).

In any accident that occurs, the fleet manager can access the real reason behind the accident and if it is done by the driver, the fleet manager can take disciplinary actions. If the accident is genuine and he can use the same video clips to claim the insurance amount from the vehicle insurance policy.

So the fleet dashcam technology will help to reduce the false claims from the insurance and get clear evidence for identifying the real mistake that occurred during the accidents with fleet dashcam data and reports.

  1. Fleet management efficiency improvement

The role of the fleet manager in managing the logistics operation is a hectic task as he is occupied with various activities in day-to-day operations, be it vehicle management, driver management, and customer service, reporting the status update to the management, the fleet manager work is a tough task.

The logistics organization should utilize technology like fleet management software and dashcam technology to improve the efficiency of fleet management, as the fleet manager gets the real-time data and alerts if any issues or warning alerts to streamline the driver behaviour with the aid of fleet dashcam technology.

These are the 5 major benefits of installing the fleet dashcam on the trucks and transportation vehicles to improve the driver performance, vehicle efficiency and overall productivity of the logistics organisation.