Your top 9 questions about resume writing answered


Building a strong executive resume is the very first step of landing your dream job. While the format of resumes keeps on evolving, employees have to keep in mind the ongoing trends to keep their resumes updated. There can be a lot of doubts that prevail while creating a resume like what to write, what to skip and what truly is important.

Writing an eye-catching resume may consume an adequate amount of time but it will ensure that your resume stands apart from the crowd. Here are the top 9 questions about resume writing that we have answered for you.

  1. Is using keywords important in the resume?

Yes, nowadays it is extremely important that you use keywords in your resume writing. Several companies have opted for electronic methods to select resumes. Application tracking system, popularly known as ATS selects the appropriate and up to date resumes.

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If you do not use keywords then chances are that you will be rejected by the ATS itself. See to it that you do not stuff the resume with keywords but do use it where it is important. This factor will drastically increase the probability of you getting noticed. Else, if you want perfection choose to hire a leading Indian resume writing service.

  1. What is the right format for a resume?

There is no correct format for a resume as long as you are mentioning all the significant aspects. Career objectives, contact information, educational background, work experience and skills are the main elements of a resume.

You can follow the basic format of a resume or you can experiment with the order of these sections as well. Ensure that your resume looks neat and is not all over the place. Always put your latest work experience or education first followed by the previous ones or if you are getting in touch with a resume writing service in India, ask them to do the same.

  1. What personal details should you put on your resume?

Mention only the details that are relevant and necessary for the job. Details like contact information, address and email must be included in the resume writing because that is how the employers can contact you. However, skip the things like marital status, height and other personal information.

Check the guidelines of the company to see if there is any other information that is mandatory to fill. Elements like religion and caste are unnecessary so it would be better to leave them out. Drop links to LinkedIn and other suitable platforms that you are active on. 

  1. Why is objective important on a resume?

Career objective is a way of conveying to the employer what post you are applying for and why you wish to join that particular company. Also, you can mention how you will be useful in the company’s growth. Assure that your career objective is unique, precise and covers the important points. 

This objective should no longer exceed 2-3 lines so cut to the point and be straightforward. Think of this section as a summary of your executive resume that represents your skills. Since this is the first element of a resume, it should be quite impressive. 

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  1. Is including interests, hobbies and marks mandatory?

You surely can mention your interests on the resume as it tells the employer more about you. This way the employers will have a better chance of knowing you. As far as it is concerned, it is not essential to include your hobbies in your resume. 

It totally depends on you and the job you are applying for. When it comes to marks, they can be mentioned in a student resume only. Also, the educational background is important but you can write your GPA or percentage if they are decent enough. 

  1. How long should a resume be?

One or one and a half pages is more than enough for a resume. Especially for fresh graduates and college students, try to fit everything in a single page itself. For executive resumes, if you have enough relevant experience to mention for the job that you are applying for then you can exceed the one-page limit.

  1. What are the worst mistakes anyone can make on a resume?

Some people do not put much effort into building their resume and it clearly shows that they are lousy as a person. Apart from this, lying on the resume is a big no that could get you into trouble. Next, avoid grammatical errors and cross-check the resume at least thrice.

  1. What goes first: education or experience?

Simply remember that the most relevant things should be mentioned first. If you are in a certain industry for a while now then mention your work experience before education. However, if you are still in college or just graduated then enlist your educational background followed by work experience.

  1. Can you take help with resume writing services?

Yes, sure you can! While a resume is all about you, it does not necessarily mean that everyone is good at writing. If you do not feel confident about writing a resume then you can reach out to professional resume creation services who can help you easily. Even if you have written a resume, you can get it checked by a professional proofreader to ensure there are no mistakes.

Final Words

These were the top questions about resume writing. The key to a good resume is being original, unique and sounding confident. Simply be who you are and do not indulge in any falsehoods. Give resume writing a little time and think about making it the best.