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Top Ways To Improve Spelling Problems For Adults

Top Ways To Improve Spelling Problems For Adults

by Ragini Salampure

Some adults are not able to spell correctly. Many people have bad spelling habits. This is especially true today, given the nature and use of mobile texting and social media networks.

In order to save space on messages and posts, abbreviations are common. However, people often ignore English punctuation and capitalization rules. Individuals who drop out of school might not have learned how to spell correctly in the first instance.

Although spelling is just one aspect of productive language, it tends to be the most obvious. While you may not be able to understand the full meaning of a term, people notice when you misspell it.

Spelling does not reflect intelligence. However, spelling is an important skill to have in order to succeed in academic or work endeavors. Poor spelling in English can lead to negative judgments.

Many people, even adults, struggle to spell one. This can make it difficult for adults to spell correctly, and often discourage them from going into professional situations. There are many tools available to improve spelling words for adults and many can be used in your own home.

Rules And Root Words

To spell correct many words, you must learn the rules of spelling as well as the roots of words. Think about the words “benevolent”, “benefactor” or “beneficial”. All three words start with “benefit-“, a Latin root meaning “good” or well. This root and other roots can be memorized to reduce the difficulty in spelling words that contain them. It is important to always put “i” before the “e”, except after “c”, and pluralize words ending in “y” with “-ies”. These basic rules will make spelling much easier. 

Spell Training

You can enroll in any type of spelling training. There are many options, including local classes and computer software. There is no one perfect program. These programs can be found online at sites like spellquiz.com. If you prefer to learn in a classroom setting, check the course catalog of your local community college.

Writing and Reading

To improve your knowledge of the correct spelling of words, it is important to read as much as you can. Your vocabulary will be expanded by reading. You will be able to improve your spelling skills by reading books, newspapers, magazines, and even brochures. Writing can also help improve your spelling skills. To review and correct common errors, you can write anything you think of in a word processor that has a spell-check function. To avoid repeating the same mistakes, look up the misspelled words.

Look Out for Patterns

Pattern recognition is a skill that the human brain excels at. You can indirectly learn English spelling rules by presenting it with examples of words that have similar letter combinations. Use a highlighter to highlight words that have the same spelling or similar spelling on a newspaper page. Next, try to create a rule that describes the things you see. This makes it easier to remember rules because you have to put in extra effort to figure them out.

Use of Mnemonics

Sometimes, it is easier to spell difficult words if you have visual or auditory cues. This can help to build a stronger memory. The d can be silent, so it can be difficult to spell Wednesday. You might imagine a bride, and then think of Wednesday as the day she will be married.

Speak Out Loud

For people with learning disabilities who have trouble writing letters on paper, it can be easier to spell a word aloud. Make a list of words you wish to learn, and practice spelling them in the shower or while driving to work. Auditory memories can be created by speaking the letters and listening to yourself speak each letter. This is especially useful for those who don’t have visual learning abilities.

Find Out the Origin of Words

English is a Germanic language, but it has also adopted vocabulary from other languages it has come in contact with over time. It has many words that are French-derived, thanks to the Normans who ruled England for several hundred years. If you search for the origin of a word, you might see similar spelling patterns for words with the same root, such as Greek words. These words are often found in science-related vocabulary.

Use Multisensory Approaches

You are creating muscle memory by learning the spelling of a word, and then encoding it physically. This is similar to what happens in touch-typing or handwriting. You can automatize spelling by generating more words.

Dolch Words

These words, also known as sight words, are the most common in English and can account for up to half of all texts. These words include prepositions as well as verbs, adjectives, and articles. Overlearning them will enable you to spend more time on spelling difficult vocabulary.

Recognize Suffixes and Prefixes

A prefix is a combination of letters that appear at the beginning of a word and alter the meaning in a consistent manner. Re-, for example, means to do it again. It can be used to refer to review, regenerate, or reiterate. Similar functions are provided by a suffix to the end of a word. To make plural nouns, for example, we use the suffixes or -es. There are many common suffixes or prefixes in English that you can learn. You will be able to recognize the different parts of a word, and you’ll be able to spell better.

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