Which Hublot Watch Do You Want to Invest In?

Do you want to collect branded watches, or do you want to show off your social status by wearing luxury accessories? There are many luxury watches available making it overwhelming to choose the best one.

Hublot, like Rolex, has been a well-known watchmaker since 1980. They made their first timepiece in Baselworld. After a few years in the watchmaking industry, Hublot has been known for being the perfect designer of fancy-looking wristwatches. The primary goal of the company is to provide its clients with top-notch watches that will stand out among the rest. Their watches are known for their durable materials and unique design.

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Designing a Hublot watch takes time. It is not a task that you can do in just one day. Hublot is known for its quality craftsmanship and creativity. They design their timepieces after thorough research.

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Recommended Hublot Watches for You

Although Hublot watches are relatively expensive, they are worth the price as they can last for years. Beyond that, you can also use it as an investment you can sell in the future.

Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon Limited Edition

Since the establishment of Hublot, they have produced several watch collections, including the Big Bang collection. This watch collection is the most popular among others. One watch model you can get from this set is the Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon Limited Edition.

Many watch collectors are eyeing this model because it is the rarest in the collection. You can take home this watch for 290,000 USD. How did it become so expensive? Well, beyond that it is made by Hublot, it is equipped with several luxury features, including 212 diamonds in its case and 48 baguette diamonds on its bezel set.

Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang

The Million Dollar Black Caviar Bang from Hublot aced the number one spot in the Grand Prix de Geneve in 2009 under the best watch category. This marvelous timepiece features 18 carats of gold. Beyond that, its clasp, case, and crown dial are equipped with black-colored baguette diamonds. Overall, this Hublot wristwatch carries 34.5 carats of 544 diamonds. You can get this watch for one million USD.

Big Bang King

There’s no doubt that Hublot produces several watches with unique designs. The brand is also famous for making sleek, black-colored wristwatches.

One of the black Hublot watches you would want to invest in is the Big Bang King. This accessory comes with a ceramic case. Its strap is made from rubber and features a deployment buckle. It gives you accurate time as its black dial is infused with sapphire crystal.

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Beyond that, it is also a water-resistant timepiece. This watch can resist under 100 meters depth. Another good thing about this Big Bang King is that it can last for over 100 hours.

Getting this Hublot Big Bang King will cost you around 250,000 USD as it is packed with complications and an array of advanced features.

Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds

If you are looking for a Hublot watch with an elegant design, this Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds is for you. This timepiece is equipped with the renowned functionality and engineering of the brand. Its case is made from stainless steel that is incorporated with diamonds and pink gold.

Beyond that, it uses Quartz movement to run its dial. The watch’s strap is made from black rubber that blends perfectly to its case color. That is why it gives off a versatile and modern look. The Classic Pink Gold and Diamonds timepiece from Hublot will cost you 180,000 USD.

Classic Fusion Zirconium

Although this Classic Fusion Zirconium from Hublot has a simple look, it is equipped with incredible features. As seen in its name, this Hublot watch is timeless and classic.

One of the good things you will love about this timepiece is that it is made from zirconium. Zirconium is a corrosion-resistant material. Thus, it will give you quality and efficient performance.

This watch is perfect for underwater use down to 50 meters. Beyond that, its power reserve allows you to use it for two days. Despite being simple, you can still see the flair of this watch because of its lateral inserts and bezel bugs. The average price of this Hublot watch is around 160,000 USD.


For the best watchmakers in the world, Hublot will always be one of them. Hublot watches are always of high quality. Each runs into a thorough inspection to make sure it is in good condition.

If this is your first time collecting luxury watches, we highly recommend you invest in Hublot watches. Although they are relatively fancy, it is worth the price. It could give you thousands of benefits. Beyond that, you can even sell it in the future.

All the Hublot watches mentioned above have unique designs that will surely suit your sense of style. You can wear them during formal and casual parties as they go well with any outfit.


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