What are the best and fastest pimple treatments you have ever used?


Before going to the pimple treatment part of the article, you need to first know what causes acne. Acne is caused when the pores in the skin are clogged with dead skin cells and oil.

The oily substance known as sebum is secreted from the sebaceous gland, where each pore is connected. Excess sebum can clog pores which leads to the formation of a bacteria that is commonly known as P. acnes or Propionibacterium acnes.

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The white blood cells attack P. acnes which leads to acne and skin inflammation. Some of the causes of acne are more severe when compared to the others, but the common symptoms include blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

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Many factors may give rise to the development of acne, including:

  • stress
  • infections
  • hormone changes
  • genetics
  • diet

How to get rid of pimples?


Regularity and moderation are good things, but not everyone eats three healthy meals per day and can sleep eight hours and drink plenty of water a day.

Probably the best lifestyle change that one can make is to never squeeze or pick the pimples. Playing with or popping pimples makes the area red and leaves a mark. It is usually referred to as scarring, But fortunately, it is not permanent.

It is just a mark that takes months to fade once it is left entirely alone.

Open the pores

Visiting an esthetician who removes the blackheads safely during a facial will be beneficial for opening up the pores. 

Cleansing and skincare

Regardless of what one might read in a popular style and fashion magazines, there is no proper product or regimen that is perfect for every person and situation.

Mild cleansers: Washing the face once or twice a day with a mild liquid or a cleansing bar (for example Neutrogena, Dove, Basis, Cetaphil, and Purpose are all popular and inexpensive) will keep the skin clear, clean, and minimize irritation and sensitivity.

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Exfoliating cleansers and masks:

A variety of exfoliants, mild scrubs, and masks can be used as cleansers. Using products that contain salicylic acid in a concentration makes it a very mild peeling agent. These products help to remove the outer layer of the skin and thus help the pores to open. 

Products containing alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids can also be used as gentle skin exfoliants.

Retinol which should not be confused with the prescription medication known as Retin-A is a derivative of vitamin A which helps in promoting skin peeling.

Reduce excess oil

We cannot stop oil glands from producing oil. Even isotretinoin can help only in slowing down the oil glands for a while; they resume their normal activity later. It is possible to get rid of oil on the surface of the skin and thus reduces the appearance of an oily sheen. Using PIMPLE TREATMENT products can be very effective.

  • Use a gentle toner/astringent to wipe away oil. One can use any brand which is available in pharmacies, as well as from the manufacturers of cosmetic lines.
  • Frequent washing of the face can also help in getting rid of excess oil.
  • Products containing alpha-hydroxy acids or glycolic acid are also helpful in clearing and exfoliating the skin by causing the superficial layer of the skin to peel. 
  • All masks that contain sulfur and other ingredients help to draw out facial oil.
  • Antibacterial pads which contain benzoyl peroxide have the additional benefit of helping to get rid of oil. 


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