What sort of grit spreader is best for you?


As beautiful as frosty mornings and glistening snow look, they can be a nuisance when it comes to keeping roads and driveways clear and safe. If you’re new to snow and ice management, you definitely need a grit spreader and other snow-clearing equipment to clean off pavements, shop fronts, and crossings.

What exactly are grit spreaders?

Grit spreaders have been designed to spread grit and salt over roads and driveways, and other products such as seed, fertilizer, and weed killer over agricultural areas. They primarily spread salt over icy roads because salty water has a lower freezing point, so putting salt on ice causes it to melt.

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Purchasing a grit spreader can be very useful in large spaces as it can spread product efficiently in a short period of time. Grit or salt is contained in a hopper, which often features an adjustable opening to control the volume of spread, and the grit spreader is towed or pushed along to distribute the product evenly along the ground.

What are the different types of grit spreader?

Tow-behind spreaders

These have a tow hitch attachment and are dragged by a vehicle or tractor. They are best suited to cover large areas and can be towed over both hard and soft ground where precision is not a priority. They also feature pneumatic, rubber tyres and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction.

Tailgate spreaders

One of the easiest spreaders to use, they can be mounted on the rear of a car or the bed of a truck. Or they can be fastened to the bonnet of a vehicle to spread salt in front of it. They can be attached very easily and disperse de-icing materials quickly and efficiently to make jobs as smooth and steady as possible.

V-box spreaders

This option is ideal for professional use and for large projects as the spreader is embedded in a heavy-duty truck bed and features many moving parts.

Pedestrian spreaders

Pedestrian spreaders, also known as walk-behind salt spreaders, are very commonly found in many households thanks to their ease of use. They are shaped like a wheelbarrow or a trolley and are very simple to operate – just fill it up and push it in front of you as you walk.

How can I benefit from investing in a grit spreader?

You can reap many benefits from investing in a grit spreader, during the summer months as well as in winter:

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  • Save time and effort – a grit spreader reduces the time you need to distribute product over large areas, allowing you to spend time doing other things and saving your energy.
  • Save money – by using a grit spreader, none of the products you use will get wasted. Spreaders are very accurate and therefore save you money by only spreading product exactly where you need it.
  • Precision – a grit spreader is designed to distribute materials accurately and evenly so you don’t under- or over-apply.
  • Versatility – use one to spread salt or fertiliser, or pour animal feed to make feeding livestock very easy. You could even use one to spread confetti over the floor for an event.

Top tips when using a grit spreader

Wear protective gear

While the grit spreader itself is very unlikely to cause you any harm, the substances you load into it could. Wearing gloves and eye protection can help to keep you safe while you work.

Know the limits

Every grit spreader has a maximum capacity. This information is usually available in the device’s manual and, by following it, you can ensure your machine’s performance and longevity.

Keep it maintained

You should keep an eye on the performance of your grit spreader. If and when you notice any old or damaged parts you should get them fixed or replaced straight away. 


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