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Step by Step Guide to Open a PNG File

Step by Step Guide to Open a PNG File 

by Rohan Mathew

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files have become one of the most popular photo formats on the internet due to their lossless data reduction and transparency characteristics. PNG files, like any other sort of File, can be deleted or corrupted by mistake.

This article will discuss the many ways to fix corrupted PNG files, as well as how you can secure your photographs in the future, whether you’re a designer who has lost their final work or a curator of online photography. 

The cause of PNG files not opening on Windows 10:

The following factors may have caused the damage:

  • When the system’s storage device is infected with a virus.
  • When you resize the PNG file repeatedly.
  • Take out the memory card while it’s still in use.
  • Using incompatible software to open a PNG file.
  • When the PNG file was not transmitted correctly or when you disrupted the file transfer into your system.

It’s weird, but it’s possible that you just neglected to designate a default application to your photographs. Most of the time, it’s as straightforward as that. The default application is the software that your window uses every time you click to open a specific sort of Files, such as an image, an audio file, or a link. To be able to process these orders, a computer must first be designed.

Another cause might be that the user uses an older version of Windows 10 or that the app’s default software does not support the file type. The most recent versions of applications are unable to access Older file types. The inability to open PNG files has been ascribed to Windows 10. Additionally, certain apps have differing file format standards, for example.

Common ways to solve “PNG files not opening.”

This section will provide you with solutions to fix corrupted PNG files on your PC. Following these steps, you should be able to see your PNG file.

Run Image Servicing and Management for Deployment

System update readiness tool, or DISM, is a command-line program for servicing and managing Windows image files. It is used to repair any Windows component corruption fault. When Windows image files and virtual hard drives are launched, a sequence of instructions mounts and extracts information about them. On Windows 10, DISM comes preinstalled.

When using DISM to try to fix the problem of PNG files not opening, there are two commands you may use: The CheckHealth and RestoreHealth commands.

Convert a PNG File to a Different Format:

This is the most straightforward and most effective approach available. You have to use the Microsoft Paint software to convert the PNG image to another file type. This is a Windows 10 built-in program. Take the actions outlined below.

Open MS Paint and go to File> Save As.

MS Paint may be launched by simply typing “paint” into the taskbar’s search box. Press “CTRL + O” to choose and open the PNG file you wish to modify the format of after running MS Paint.

Save the document in the new format.

After you’ve opened the File, go to the File menu and select Save As. After that, you may choose the file format to which you wish to convert the PNG file. You may choose from the alternatives presented to you or click “other formats” to see more options. Any option that you select will save the File in that format automatically.

How to repair corrupted files with Repairit

If you don’t know how to open a PNG file, Wondershare Repairit is an offline tool/method for fixing corrupted PNG files. Let us assist you and teach you how to utilize the tool if it is new to you. First and foremost, the user must download and install the software on their computers.

Step 1: Upload the File:

After you’ve installed the system, start it up so you may use it to restore the damaged File. Click the ‘Add File’ button in the center of the screen. This will enable you to choose and load damaged photographs for Repair from your Mac or Windows Computer. You are free to submit as many files as you like.

Step 2: Repairing the Damage

Click the ‘Fix’ option once you’ve picked all of the files you wish to repair. This will begin the process of restoring photos that have become corrupted. Make sure you don’t close the program while it’s being repaired. A progress indicator in the lower-left corner will show you how far the procedure has progressed. The fix will only take a few minutes to complete.

Step 3: Re-evaluate and re-establish

All of the corrected files will display on the screen as soon as the procedure is finished. The user is now asked to go through the files and choose the ones they wish to restore. Once you’re happy with the results and have selected all of the files you want to repair, click the ‘Save Repaired Files’ option to save the picture files to your preferred place.

Why Use WonderShare Repairit?

WonderShare Repair is a good choice. It’s because it’s a flexible online PNG repair alternative that’s completely free to use. It is trustworthy and quick, and it easily beats its competitors in terms of data security and speed.

Features of Repairit

Repairing Photographs:

Repairit supports more than ten different image formats, including all main ones like jpeg, png, and jpg. All sorts of photographs may be readily repaired, and there’s no need to search for various software to improve different image formats.

Repair from any device:

After you’ve loaded the program, you may connect flash drives, pen drives, cellphones, and digital cameras to your computer and use Repairit to fix corrupted photographs and movies.

Video Restoration:

Repairit can fix any video, regardless of how it became corrupted. You can effectively restore videos that have been damaged during the transmission, recording, editing, or any other method.

User Interface that is Simple to Use:

A user interface that is less engaging and sophisticated might make it harder for the user to operate the product. Repairit is a simple and easy-to-use user interface that simplifies and speeds up fixing films and photos.

Final Words

This article aims to give users the best and most appropriate choices for repairing any corrupted PNG file with the least amount of work. In addition, the Wondershare Repairit tool can assist customers in Repairing any corrupted picture files.

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