What are the Courses to Enrol in After Class 10th? 

Which is the right courses after 10th? What is the best between Science, Commerce, or Arts? This is a most debatable question faced by almost every student as soon as they clear their 10th standard. While most students know what they want to pursue in the future, most of the population makes mistakes while choosing the right career path, as either their friends are taking a particular stream or because of pressure from parents. Amidst this confusion and pressure, you might make the wrong decision.   

Every field has its set of advantages, scope, and opportunities. All you have to do is to make the right decision! How many students know or are aware of their likes, interests, or skills and know what to do after 10th? Career counselling and guidance for the 10th class is the need of the hour. Students who are confused about their stream selection can go for career counselling. Class 10th is the most crucial road for your future career. The right career decision can help you reach great heights in your future. And a wrong choice will make you feel guilty for the rest of your life.

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The most common mistakes students make while choosing their career after 10th:  

  1. Walking into your friend’s footsteps:

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Do you know 60 out of 100 students usually take a stream that their friend is taking? This is one of the most common problems, or rather, mistakes that students unknowingly make. Choosing a stream is a serious job. Don’t let a wrong decision affect your entire life!  

  1. Parental/societal pressure:  

Every Indian parent thinks that only the Science stream has the most scope. The majority of the students have faced it. You must choose the stream you are most passionate about rather than doing or listening to what people are saying. Talk to an expert who will guide you to choosing the right stream.   

  1. Lack of knowledge:  

Due to lack of knowledge, students mostly tend to ignore or don’t want to see the numerous options after the 10th. If we went 10-20 years ago, there were fewer career options to choose from. But now, the scenario is entirely different. There are many career options available, and also, with the help of proper career guidance, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.   

Career options after 10th:  

After completing your 10th standard, you will have to choose between Commerce, Science, or Arts, or you can also directly opt from a long list of courses after the 10th standard. However, many students opt for skill development courses or training programs immediately after the 10th to get a job after completing these courses. Here are the choices that students can opt for after the 10th standard-  

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  1. Science:  

It is not wrong to say that Science is the most popular and favourite career option for most parents and students. If you are a tech lover and have a fascination for technologies, taking Science after the 10th would be wise. Science offers many career options such as engineering, medical or research roles. The significant advantage of Science is that after class 12th you can switch from Science to Commerce or Science to arts. Science and Maths offers a flexible foundation that enables students to accomplish highly respected and well-paid jobs. Many students don’t like Maths, but if you want to pursue a career in Medicine, you can skip Maths and opt for other subjects like biology.  

Career options for Science:  

* You can opt for a graduate degree in Technology ( B.Tech ), or Science (B.Sc)   

* MBBS,  

* Bachelor of Pharmacy,  

* Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology,  

  1. Commerce:  

If numbers, finances, and Economics interest you, then the best career option is Commerce. Commerce is a smart career option. The career prospects are immense if you choose Commerce. Also, if you want to sharpen your knowledge in finance, Commerce is the best choice.  

Career options for Commerce –  

 * Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant,   

 * Business Management,  

 * Advertising and Sales Management,  

 * Digital Marketing,  

 * Human Resource Development,  

 * Bank manager, stockbroker, etc. 

  1. Arts:  

Arts/ Humanities are for those students who are interested in academic research. Arts as a subject has always been very high in demand, and more and more students are opting for it. Arts offers many career options, which are equally rewarding as any other stream offers. It also helps you increase your leadership qualities and teaches you to deal with the world around you.   

Career Option for art students-  

* Product Designing,  

* Media/Journalism,  

* Fashion Technology,  

* Video Creation and Editing,  

* HR training, school teaching, etc.

  1. ITI (Industrial Training Institute) : 

The ITI sector is vast, as it offers more than 100 specialisations in technical and non-technical courses. It is a government training centre that provides courses to students seeking easy employment just after completing school. The duration of the courses ranges from six months to two years. ITI courses are great opportunities for students who wish to complete any technical courses within a short period.   

courses options after ITI-  

* Job opportunities in public sectors  

* Private sector jobs,  

* Self-employed,  

* Jobs in foreign countries,  

* Sharpen your skills through studying further in your field of specialisation.  

  1. Polytechnic courses :  

After class 10tth, students can go for polytechnic courses like mechanical, civil, chemical, computer, automobile, etc. These colleges offer diploma courses for three years, two years, and one year. They are cost-effective courses that offer jobs within a short time duration. You can join diploma courses after class 10 or class 12. If you choose the three-year diploma course in engineering, it will get you a direct entry in the 2nd year of B.E/ B.Tech. For students, who don’t wish to continue the regular school study pattern, this could be one of the options for what is next after the 10th class.  

Career options after the polytechnic course- 

* Go for a private-sector job,  

* Prepare for Government sector jobs,  

* May opt for higher studies,  

* Get self-employed or set up your business.  

  1. Paramedical courses :

The paramedical branch is related to the healthcare sector. This course is the perfect choice for students who are immensely dedicated to serving the community and want to join the healthcare industry. It also offers good career opportunities as well.  

Career options in the paramedical course-  

* An X-Ray technician,  

* Become an expert dialysis technician,  

* Nursing assistance,   

* Ophthalmic technician etc.  

  1. Vocational courses : 

Many boards offer vocational subjects after class 10. It prepares you to get a job as soon as possible, immediately after completing standard 12. The course duration is short-term, but these courses are job centric and focus on getting you a job at the earliest, without compromising your skills.   

It is essential to choose a wise and right career option, as the right career will make you successful in the future. The right decision at the correct time will help you to reach a great height of success within a short period.  

How to choose the right career:   

Everybody knows how vital standard 10th is! It is after the 10th standard that your real-life journey begins. Career counselling with an experienced and trained career counsellor can help you solve your confusion. Career guidance can be a helpful step for a student to have a bright future. And that’s why consulting an expert becomes an essential aspect in this regard. I Dream Career has the skills required to top in this field. Our experienced career counsellor, after conducting various career assessments, can help you to decide and choose the right career path for your future. The career assessment test tries to know your hidden skills, interest, and abilities, and then based on that information, a career is chosen for you. A job in career counselling is essential to help today’s youth to become tomorrow’s future. Take the right decision and choose your career according to your skills and interests.


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