Choosing a Virgin Mary Statues

This is a question that is often asked by Déanists. Many suggest that the image is generally accepted as deity and is generally regarded as the Supreme Deity (such as Mahalakshmi or Durga). Some are interested in idols such as those of Tara or Kuan Yin, who, despite being a covered Buddha, still clearly represent the Savior of mankind.

While we fully understand these feelings, there are also many who view Our Lady Mary as a pure Western representative of the Feminine Deity, despite the fact that this is unknown in the teachings of the Church of the patriarchs. Many would argue that it is symbolized by the symbolism and that the image of the Virgin Mary traditionally exemplifies much of the image of the Supreme Godhead as reflected in the pre-patriarchal West. 

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Creation is a fundamental principle of the devotion of many worshipers of Our Lady God and this is a spiritual decision that everyone must make. 

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What we offer here is one of the traditional statues of the Virgin Mary, a statue of a long and revered pre-Christian heritage that unites Our Lady of Bethlehem with Our Lady Creatrix of Cosmos. It is well known that many of the original statues of Mary were actually icons dedicated to the Great Mother in the Forms worshiped in the last Classical world. The ecclectic spiritual ideas prevailing among many Hindus and Buddhists today were not uncommon in the ancient West, and the Christian Church did not always disappoint them, especially when they struggled to overcome the “pagans”. 

However, even though Christianity lived and developed in the West, the ancient symbols of Our Lady of God continued to associate themselves with the Virgin Mary: for symbolic symbols are not symbols of doubt, but living beings rooted in the nature of this natural world and what is behind it and beyond. We can say that the Image of Our Lady is not a product of human hands and mind, but a living, growing Image of Our Mother God. This represents rich and beautiful in the tradition of the Virgin Mary sculpture. 

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One of the most recognizable features of many of Mary’s statues is that of Our Lady standing on the snake. This is a really interesting example of the power of living and giving the Grace of Marian iconography. In the first known story of the creation of Europe, Creatrix (known here as Eurynome: “wide-rule”) broke the Serpent’s head with His foot. The portion of the Scriptures that make up the parallel image of Mary is based on a misunderstanding of the Septuagint (the first translation of the Bible text). Just as living grass emerges strong and perfect through every crack of concrete paving, so even the “accidental” ancestors allowed the living symbol of Our Lady God to take their place in His Idols. [see more about this in Myths of Creation and the Virgin Mary] 

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So Every virgin mary statue Image with Our Woman Walking on the Serpent (and there are many) has nothing to do with Judaism-Christian iconography, but has something to do with the ancient iconography of Our Lady Creatrix. 

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The image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is reflected in the countless Mary Statues representing the complete and ancient representation of the Divine Solar Heart of the World. This is so important that we have donated the entire article to Immaculate Heart of Mary. As we explain there, this symbol is natural and logical for the Sole Supreme Deity. 

The moon, yes, is part of the sign of Our Lady, but whenever it happens in the image of the Virgin Mary, she lies at His feet: for in her mouth, the Virgin-Nature that Touches the world, not in her. Moreover, solar Mother Nature (see Filinic Creed for more on Her Nature.) 

Similarly, in many of the images of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady is crowned as the Queen of Heaven perhaps the highest of all the names of Dea, Isis, Inanna, pre-Yahweh the God of Israel (cf. Jeremiah 7:18 and our page on the Blessed Virgin Mary) and almost all of the Great Mother figure. . Again, this is far more ancient than the idea of ​​a single ancestral “goddess of the earth”.

Our woman is often depicted in hemisphere-shaped statues, which may or may not have the geographical footprints displayed on it. This represents His judgment on the earth, according to the origin of the three Daughter names: Princess of the Earth, Priest of Earth and Queen of Heaven.