Top Online Brokers in 2022

The intense competition and a large number of players on the trading market have resulted in a huge variety of offers. Brokers fight for different target audiences and offer unique technology, trading features, research data, fees, etc., to gain investors’ attention. Choosing a trade broker can be very difficult, especially for beginners, so we did the hard job of researching the market to narrow your scope down to the best options in 2022. 

1. TD Ameritrade

TDA is a broker that most beginners choose due to its highly efficient education flow. It includes everything a trader needs to start off and evolve to the advanced level in the long-term run. TDA is certainly comprehensive enough for pros but isn’t overwhelming for beginners too. Besides, it offers one of the most convenient mobile and web dashboards compatible with a wide range of trading platforms to provide high-quality service to both traders and investors of any specialization. 

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2. FBS

FBS is an advanced yet beginner-friendly online broker that offers: 

  • an award-winning mobile trading platform;
  • perfect compatibility with MT4 and MT5 desktop platforms. 

Here you can start trading with competitively low spreads via beginner and advanced account types. Besides, it’s one of the most beginner-friendly crypto brokers ever. It allows you to start with an initial crypto deposit as low as $1. 

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3. Fidelity Investments 

FI is a client-focused broker that combines most of the best features and terms available across different brokers. With this online broker, you can start earning right from the moment you make your first deposit. Your entire spot balance is automatically swept into secured active market funds that generate returns over time. Moreover, the company keeps lowering customer costs and increasing returns at the same time. Robust research features and an immense knowledge base will please both pros and beginners. 

4. Tastyworks

If you are looking for an options-focused broker that has it all, Tastyworks is definitely worth a try. It provides the most comprehensive kit of options tools along with convenient risk assessment profiles, and an impressive library of exclusive educational and analytical content. The only drawback of this broker is that it’s not focused on anything else but options. 

5. Charles Schwab

CS is one of the best comprehensive trading and investment solutions, but it also has an exceptionally well-made environment for ETF operations with over 150+ screening criteria. Beyond that, it’s an advanced solution that perfectly balances beginner friendliness and access to in-depth market analysis and complex strategy-making. 

6. Interactive Brokers

IBKR was created with advanced professionals in mind but keeps the fees and margin rates surprisingly low for both traditional and cryptocurrencies. The broker also offers a long list of tradable assets with a wide range of stocks, while the advanced toolkit ensures an exceptional order execution process.

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Choose Wisely

Even having such a concise list of top brokers, you should analyze each of them thoroughly before you make the final choice. Approach this task responsibly to ensure that the broker you trust matches your actual needs and specialization. Good luck! 

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