Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog By Your Side 

A recent study showed that dog owners who let their pets sleep in the bedroom get more restful sleep than those who don’t. If you’re usually one of the many people who can’t imagine trying to sleep without your furry friend by your own side, here are a few reasons why you should sleep with your four-legged companion

Reduces Depression

Besides being a positive experience for the dog, sleeping with your dog can help you overcome personal trauma and grief. Additionally, it can help you overcome nightmares and reduce your blood pressure. In addition, the interactions between you and your dog will increase your body’s production of oxytocin, a hormone that usually promotes feelings of happiness and affection. You may also basically find it beneficial to learn how to train your dog for bedtime and the different tricks they have to perform. All these combined will help you get better sleep. You just have to take note of your mattress size and use some oversized comforters for the comfort of both you and your dog.

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Eases Insomnia

A study published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that sleeping with your dog increases your serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter essential for controlling sleep. By interacting with your dog, you’ll feel more happy and content, which can help you sleep better at night.

Another benefit of sleeping with your dog is staying warm during the night. The increased oxytocin levels in your dog’s body will help you sleep soundly. Additionally, sleeping with your dog can ease your anxiety and make you feel more at ease. 

Improves Theta Brainwaves

Research shows that sleeping with a dog promotes theta brainwaves in the human brain. Theta brainwaves are a part of REM sleep and occur in people who sleep with dogs. These waves are associated with relaxation and improve memory and processing abilities. The benefits of sleeping with a dog are clear, and it might help you overcome anxiety and depression.

Eases Chronic Pain

The benefits of sleeping with your dog are many. Research shows that people suffering from chronic pain report a positive effect on their sleep when they share a home with a pet. According to Dr. Cary Brown, this is an excellent benefit for those who share a bed with their pets. It will help them get a good night’s sleep and prevent you from worrying about the pain. 

Helps Overcome Personal Trauma

Not only does sleeping with your dog provide you with extra heat, but it also helps you overcome personal trauma. Your dog will not only feel more secure, but you will also strengthen your bond with him. A shared bed will also help you deal with grief and trauma. As a result, your dog will feel more secure and more attached to you.

Safety And Security

If you stay alone, the sense of sleeping with your dog provides an added layer of security. You feel safe that you are not alone, and a canine never lets you feel unsafe. They are vigilant and would react immediately if there is something amiss. This sense of security gets you to sleep better.

Promotes A Healthy Heart

The American Kennel Club reported that a recent survey found that sleeping with a dog can reduce the risk of hypertension. A study of pet parents and health professionals in the US found that the risk of developing hypertension was significantly reduced. In addition, those who had pets had lower heart rates and more rapid recovery after stressful situations.

Reduces Blood Pressure Significantly.

A recent study concluded that sharing a bed with a dog significantly reduced the risk of systemic hypertension among pet owners. This is usually consistent with studies showing that the human-animal bond is beneficial for lowering blood pressure. The bond between the two can also help people unwind and fall asleep. 

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Reduces allergies Later In Life

A study that was actually published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Nutrition found that people who usually sleep with their dogs are less likely to develop allergies later in life. This is because of the therapeutic benefits of sleeping with a dog. 

The researchers studied data from two previous studies to determine which animals were most likely to reduce allergies in children. Those without pets had the highest incidence of allergic reactions, followed by those who had at least one pet. But the children with two or more pets had lower allergies than those without pets. It so happens that early exposure to pets to children helps the children develop an immune system to allergies which solidify over time.

Overall Health Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

Studies have shown that interacting with a pet lowers cholesterol, lowers triglycerides, and reduces blood pressure. Studies have actually shown that owning a dog is associated with reduced mortality risk. Just petting a dog reduces heart rate and blood pressure. While the benefits of sleeping with your dog may be surprising, they are definitely worth the risk.

Sleeping With Your Dog Creates A Bond

Dogs are natural human allies and are known to have lived with us for 1000s of years, and the unique way of bonding with them is by sleeping together; In contrast, when you sleep together, your mutual warmth converges, giving your dog a sense of belongingness which helps to train them faster.

Sleeping With Your Dog Maximises Comfort

Using pets while sleeping helps people recover from PTSD and diminishes nightmares, helping them sleep better. Your pet brings an extra sense of comfort, which combined with all the benefits above, gives you maximum comfort while you sleep. Bnt you must use proper sized mattresses for sleeping with your dog.


While there are other benefits to sleeping with your dog, the most obvious one is that you’ll be more secure. Your dog will feel secure and will feel more connected to you. It will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It is also a good idea to share your bed with your dog if you have a new puppy. This way, you can both be happy and safe. They’ll get a better night’s sleep every night.

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