Top 5 Ultimate Indoor Bike Racks for 2021

Some cyclists save a lot of money to buy a bike and those that save up and buy parts by parts gradually build their dream bicycle. After slaving at work to eventually be able to afford these custom bikes, the next problem that arises is the fact that there might not be always available space back at home. There are so many options for an indoor bike rack, but which one is the best for you and your preference? Well, in this article, we want to spare you the extra hard work by giving you the best indoor bike racks.

So, if you’re searching for a good kind of indoor bike rack, we present to you some of the best and latest options for 2021.

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  •  The Hornit CLUG

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If you’re more into the “less is more” type of vibe, this indoor bike rack can be a great choice for you. Having minimal design is always a great approach when it comes to interior fixture selections. This is especially true in this case where it is always a nice thing to not have a space-eating protrusion in the room when the rack is not being used to store a bike. 

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The Hornit CLUG is an excellent indoor bike rack that can use the least amount of hardware and therefore space. This is because its whole deal is that it uses just a simple clip that can apply just enough pressure to the bike’s tire to balance it vertically or even horizontally against a wall.

This basic anchoring hardware system only needs two small screws. This gives minimal impact on the mounting surface. As the front wheel is clipped on, the bike then rests with the rear wheel on the ground. This position will then help keep the bike from tipping over.

When you order this, you will be able to pick from five size settings to match your bike’s tire width.

  •  The Container Store Ceiling-Mount Bike Lift

For homes that have a bit more space in a vertical sense, this means that there is an opportunity for storage space up on the ceiling. Having a lift system that can then help mount a bicycle up there is a great bike rack system to have.

The Container store Ceiling-mount bike lift features a conventional block and tackle style rigging that helps in rigging and hoisting your bike up from the floor to hang it high up on the ceiling. Its system uses a metal pulley system that mounts to the ceiling of the room. Hooks are then attached to the seat and handlebars of the bicycle whenever you are planning to hoist the bike up on the ceiling. This design can help in reducing the force required to lift the load. With all that simple system of pulleys, it helps to lift the bike up and out of the way quickly and easily.

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  •  The Ibera Horizontal Wall Hanger

There are a lot of mountain bike shapes and sizes. There are suspension differences and shapes. So having a usually shaped bike rack won’t always cut it. This is where the Ibera horizontal wall bike rack comes in.

This bike rack features a few adjustable levers that can be articulated to fit your bike’s frame. This wall hanger has a solid aluminum construction and has two rotating arms that will adjust to cradle the bike and keep it level while hanging horizontally on the wall. Meanwhile, it also has an adjustable main beam that allows you to tune in the rack’s distance from the wall.

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  •  The Portland Design Works Hooptie Hook

For some cyclists that may want to steer away from the more industrial type of look, the Portland Design Works hooptie hook will be able to do the job for them. It essentially features the classic idea of a bike hook packaged with a bit more flair. But it also can keep to that no-nonsense approach of attaching a bike to a wall. 

The Hooptie Hook is basically a more beefed-up version of a simple steel hanger and has been powder coated and then dipped with a rubberized tip. This makes damaging the wheels of the bike virtually impossible.

You will be able to mount the wheel hook to almost any vertical surface anywhere and the hook will be able to support up to a 2.5-inch mountain bike tire.

  •  The Willworx Super stand

If you have space to just park your bike indoors but want to display it too in a way, this bike stand will be the way to go. 

The Willworx Super stand has a straightforward construction that is easy to combine and at the same time, provides wheel-in-wheel-out accommodations for children up to adult-sized bikes. And this is all without the need to drill any sort of holes on your walls or ceiling, mainly because it just sits on the floor. 

This bike stand is just less than 5-pounds. You can easily throw this in the car to keep your bike off the ground whenever you decide to head out to the trail.

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Choose the Right Rack today!

2021 has a lot of new things to offer. That includes these solid and amazing indoor bike racks. Pick one that is most fitting to your home and you’ll be able to hang your bike and get some space back at the same time.