5 Best Cartier Collections: A Quick Review

Founded by Louis Carter in 1917, Cartier has always been prominent in the watch community for producing iconic and useful timepieces. The brand has wide variations of top-notch watch collections to offer crafted with premium materials and out of its outstanding skills and innovation. As a result, its watches never get old and never stop providing luxury and comfort to whoever wears them. Each timepiece also holds such an exceptional value, making it a great investment. Plus, this French luxury watch brand has a lot of rich history to tell, existing for more than a century in the watch industry.

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That is why if you’re now looking for a timepiece to add to your collection’s list, opting to buy from the Cartier watch collection is such a great deal. We even prepared this simple, quick guide to know more of the most sought-after collections in its catalog. Check these out!

  • Cartier Tank Francaise

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It seems obvious that Cartier had designed and created the first-ever modern wristwatch, but its greatest milestone was creating the classic and iconic Cartier Tank collection. It featured an Art Deco style crafted from the military tanks’ inspiration of WWI and became the prominent dress watch accessory of celebrities, leaders, and even royalties.

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Its Tank Francaise might be a young collection, officially part of the Cartier family in 1996 as a sportier version of its one-of-a-kind Tank watch. Boasting a chain-link strap, this timepiece will always remind you about caterpillar tracks used in WWII tanks. Now, you can find stainless steel, gold, and a mix of two-tone steel and gold versions, and all are equipped with several leather straps. This version is a perfect accessory for anyone looking for a classic jewelry timepiece.

  • Cartier Santos

The brand officially kicked off, creating its first proper wristwatch that the world had ever seen back in 1904. It is in the identity of its Cartier Santos collection that has a few variations to offer. Each timepiece has similar features you can easily identify, its square case shape and bezel studded with visible screws. This version of Cartier also features a simple dial without engraving any of its elegant guilloché dials.

The modern version of Cartier Santos was released back in 1978, and it features a metal strap and visible screws on the timepiece. In 2000, the brand introduced its newest Santos 100 model featuring a more contemporary appearance with less visible screw heads. It is a timepiece perfect for those looking for a powerful watch on their wrist.

  • Cartier Ballon Bleu 

Most collections of Cartier’s timepieces are designed in men’s wrist and ladies’ version, but this Ballon Bleu offers a true identity of a unisex timepiece good to wear for either sex. This series was originally released in the mid-2000s and offers such a recognizable appearance, making it one of the most famous pieces that the brand has introduced in horology.

Each timepiece features a round case and a stunning blue sapphire cabochon crown. It is equipped with a glamorous guilloche dial with Roman numerals. Overall, this watch offers an elegant, casual look for a dress watch.

  • Cartier Calibre

Since its inception, the Cartier watch brand has always been known for its classic jewelry and elegant dress timepieces. But in 2010, the brand went out of its usual collection and offered a new door for a sports watch with its Cartier Calibre collection. Though the timepiece under this collection does not offer such striking and exceptional design, it is praised for its high-caliber in-house mechanical movements that power the watch.

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Aside from this version, Cartier also offers a Calibre de Cartier Chronograph and Calibre de Cartier Diver models. These watches paved the way to showcase the brand’s expertise in creating timepieces equipped with the powerful Cartier Calibre 1904 MC. This collection is a perfect watch accessory for gentlemen looking for a very masculine timepiece with superior movement.

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  • Cartier Tank Anglaise

Another Cartier Tank collection that was the latest addition to its family is its refreshed version of the classic Cartier Tank, the Anglaise watch. The only distinction of this version from the older ones is it features a thicker and curvilinear case and adds a special crown design. It was launched in 2012 and the most sought-after timepiece since then. It is a perfect timepiece for anyone looking for luxury and at the same time being comfortable with the watch they wear.

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In a Nutshell

Cartier, a French luxury watch brand, will never go out of style and always deserves to be on your radar. It has an extensive collection which can be found in its catalog. Each timepiece showcases the brand’s excellent craftsmanship and innovation. So, whether you’re looking for a classic timepiece, a dress watch to wear on your next special event, or a sports watch for your next adventure, Cartier has it all to offer.