Guidelines to help your child study effectively

It is a process that will help them take advantage of the time without it being a plan with no hour limit. The research paper can be bought on, if required.

Today the very fact of studying is questioned because we have everything within reach of a click on the Internet, and also up-to-date. But what we cannot lose sight of is that in order to develop intelligence it is necessary to work on it.

They will be your tools for good effectiveness and efficiency of your study time

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We need to develop intellectual capacities based on effort. It will allow us to acquire knowledge to apply the logic of reasoning, memory and imagination.

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Without them we will begin to lose strength “in the brain “, just like the muscles when you don’t train them.

We would stop generating new ideas and providing solutions to problems. If we do not use intelligence, we will lose the ability to decide and others will do it for us.

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Study and qualifications are not synonyms

We are all different and some students find it easier than others to obtain good academic results.

The important thing is not the result but the effort. Without a doubt, everyone likes to get good grades, but it is not the only goal.

Because some will obtain them with less effort than others and for that reason, they will not have more merit. What we should value in our children is their effort and honesty.

To develop a good study technique, planning and order is important:

  • Have a good study site, with good light and without distractions within reach.
  • Leave the cell phone out of the room.
  • Avoid studying with music, television and video games.

At the beginning you can make a work plan of the study time that you are going to carry out that day:

  • What subjects will you work on?
  • How much time will you spend on each of them?
  • Assess whether you have fulfilled your plan.

It is a process that will help you to know your reality. What you think you can do and what you actually do. With this information you will be able to adjust your work plan and it will be more and more real.

  • You can start with the subjects of low difficulty to move on to those that are more expensive and finish with the easiest ones. It will help you be aware of your own performance and regulate your efforts.
  • It is advisable that they have a fixed time to start studying. At the beginning of the course, the extracurricular activities are established and they can have a weekly schedule of the hours they are going to dedicate to studying.
  • It is good to establish a weekly schedule of all your activities together with the study time, which you have, to have the best knowledge of your reality.

The importance that our son gives to the study schedule will determine his compliance. It will help you get rid of the worry or anguish that comes with the accumulation of pending tasks.

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We suggest that you talk to your children about all this to accompany them in the good planning and organization of their time for studying and carrying out projects and tasks.

Trying to ensure that they are the ones who carry out their work plan and you can accompany them in whatever they need. But not with the aim of “control” but rather to advise.


  • What is your study schedule? What time does it start and what time does it end; How do you organize your time during that period?
  • Establish a work time to complete the tasks and another time to study the subjects that have been given each day, without waiting for the exam date to be set.
  • Evaluate how to eliminate distractions that can affect their performance. Avoid making use of them, so that the time they have established for the work plan is not interfered with by any of them.
  • Above all, at the beginning help him to evaluate himself on the plan he has established. It will help you to better understand yourself.
  • Enhance your spirit of improvement on your study making schemes, summaries that facilitate review, etc…