Why Nepal Help China and Iran , Against USA Sanctions !!

KATHMANDU: Some banks and organizations in Nepal are supposedly associated with moving cash acquired dubiously from regulates, an examination made by the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), Nepal alongside the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and BuzzFeed has uncovered.

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The analytical report delivered on Sunday shows the inclusion of Nepali organizations and banks endeavoring to delude US sanctions on exchange particularly on Iran and China. In light of a highly confidential archive arranged by ‘Budgetary Crimes Enforcement Network’, an administration body that screens money related exchanges framework in the US, the aggregate examination report has been named ‘FinCEN Files’. As indicated by ‘FinCEN Files’,


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between December 2006 and March 2017, 9 banks, 10 organizations and different people in Nepal were found to have executed (sent/got) dubious assets for the sake of cross-fringe exchange.


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This shows that some Nepali business substances are connected to the global carrying of gold, ancient pieces, bitumen, and media transmission gear. Standard Chartered Bank, Prime Commercial Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Nepal Investment Bank, Everest Bank, Mega Bank, Himalayan Bank, Apex Development Bank of Kaski, and Nepal Bangladesh Bank are referenced in the rundown of banks that are associated with moving cash dubious,” the 25 paged report dependent on covering Nepal expressed. FinCEN Files demonstrated inclusion of 10 Nepali organizations that legitimately sent or got dubious assets.


According to the report, a dubious measure of 292.7 million US Dollars has been executed through these banks and organizations during the time of 11 years. The report has named Rauniyar Brothers and Company, SubhaSamriddhi Traders Pvt. Ltd., Shasta Trading Company, Setidevi Export Import Pvt. Ltd., L.D. Worldwide Pvt. Ltd., Felt and Yarn Pvt. Ltd., Woman’s Paper Crafts, Acme Money Transfer Service, and Sunny Enterprises as the organizations purportedly associated with dubious cross-fringe exchanges. Among the organizations, Rauniyar Brothers and Company, Shubha Shambridhi Traders, Private Limited, situated in Parsa District of Nepal have purportedly directed dubious exchanges by means of a Dubai based organization called ‘Kite International FZE,’ whose fundamental business in to import and fare oil based goods such bitumen, motor oil for vehicles, greases, and elastic handling oil.

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“Through these questionable Dubai based organizations, the Rauniyar family has exchanged and moved dubious cash for the sake of import and fare of bitumen and oil based goods in Nepal. Rauniyar Brothers and Shubha Shambridhi Traders have more than once opened Letters of Credit (LC) from Standard Chartered Bank of Kathmandu between September 28, 2010, and September 4, 2014. During this four-year time span, these two organizations have sent installments of 71.4 million US Dollars to various nations, including Dubai,” the report uncovered. Further including, “FinCEN has brought up delicate realities about these organizations.


Rauniyar’s organization brought the products from Iran-a nation where the United States has forced an embargo. Nonetheless, the archives have been manufactured to show that the products have been imported from Dubai”. During the examination, Nepal’s Investigative Journalists attempted to get a reaction from Kite by means of email yet didn’t get any answer. However, the group of insightful columnists found that ‘Kite International FZE’ positioned in Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Nepal and the United States additionally has dispatched “new venture for advanced education in Nepal” over its site. However, no official record is accessible for the venture consequently guaranteed. Narayanji Rauniyar, one of the overseers of two organizations, whose connection has been set up with Kite, said that the two his organizations are right now shut.


“There is no organization now. It’s been four or a long time since it was closed down,” the report cited him as saying. “We used to import bitumen, yet we don’t any longer,” he included. FinCEN expressed that his child, Prakash Kumar Rauniyar, was the genius behind the business. Narayanji said that he was abroad and would give his telephone number however that didn’t occur.


Both the Rauniyar Brothers and Company, SubhaSamriddhi Traders Pvt. Ltd. are enlisted with name of Narayan JiRauniyar of Birgunj and his four children – ShyamBabu, JyotiBabu, Prakash Kumar, and Deep Kumar Babu.


Holding between a Nepali Bank and ZTE According to FinCEN, Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE) Corporation, China’s biggest media communications specialist co-op organization, dispatched 213.3 million US Dollars to different nations, including Nepal, from March 17, 2011, to March 1, 2017. ZTE had done the exchange through Beijing-based China Construction Bank.


The US-based New York part of China Construction Bank had found that the executed sum was dubious. In the span of three years and four months from November 4, 2013, to February 27, 2017, ZTE was found to have kept some sum in Nepal Investment Bank, as per ‘FinCEN’. In the depiction, four separate sums: $5,709.09, $5,244.76, $40,357.75 and $10 are discovered to be kept by ZTE Corporation in Nepal Investment Bank, Kathmandu. As indicated by FinCEN, refering to different news sources, the five-year-long examination referenced “a few connivances” that the ZTE made to avoid US sanctions.


The organization “makes the acquisition of media communications gear from the United States and sells it illicitly to Iran as ZTE’s hardware.” According to FinCEN, the ZTE exchanged dubious subsidizes different nations to beguile managing bodies against US sanctions. ZTE is one of the main exporters of media transmission hardware in Nepal. Not long after the Gorkha Earthquake of 2072 B.S, ZTE was bringing in materials for building a pinnacle for Ncell-a media transmission organization situated in Nepal. The motivation behind the import was business, however its expectation was to sidestep customs obligation, where it attempted to bring merchandise by staying Red Cross stickers on the imported products.



After it was found during the traditions assessment, ZTE needed to pay 10.1 million rupees to deliver its merchandise. “BijendraSuwal, Deputy General Manager of Nepal Investment Bank, said that the purported dubious records ought to be sent for the reaction. He said that the bank couldn’t unveil the connection between the bank and the client according to the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 2073 BS,” the report expressed