Why are Psychiatric Hospital Rooms White?

Dealing with some kind of mental sickness or disorder is disturbing for the patient and their family members. People often don’t even understand what they are going through unless they visit a hospital and consult a psychiatrist.

Ignoring a problem is never going to lead you to find a solution. Instead, it will always complicate things more and make it miserable for patients and their family members. Often people have various types of questions about a psychiatric hospital that they are curious to find answers to. 

However, one question that keeps popping up, again and again, is, why do psychiatric hospitals have white-painted rooms? Is there a medical reason behind it, or is it a standard choice of hospitals? What is the cost of consulting a psychologist? How much are the accommodation charges? Can you be forced to stay in a mental hospital and many others? 


In this post, you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about mental hospitals so that you can understand and move forward by making a decision. 

Why do hospitals have white room color?

Most hospitals have white or subtle color paint to provide the patients with a calm and soothing atmosphere. It is not necessary that you would find all psychiatric facilities to have white painted rooms. 

You can find yellow, baby pink, and other light and soothing shades that can be decorated with colorful wall art. Some theories say that color has a vital role in recovering from mental disorders. So, if you want to indicate more activities around such people, the use of bright colors should be more. And if you want to calm them, you should use dull and subtle colors. 

What are the consultation charges and accommodation charges in hospitals?

To consult a psychiatrist, you will have to pay a minimum fee of rupees 150 to 500. There is no fixed fare, but starting from one hundred and ending at five hundred rupees is what you’ll have to pay. If you talk about the per day accommodation fee, it might vary from five hundred to fifteen hundred rupees. 

Do patients recover from being admitted to recovery hospitals?

The effectiveness of treatment entirely depends on how a patient is responding to it. The psychiatrist will prescribe therapies and medication to a patient, but further, the patient has to have the will to recover from their conditions. The hospital staff and family members have to encourage the patient to follow the instructions given by the doctor. 

How many successful recoveries occur in a hospital?

If patients and families cooperate with the doctors and the hospital staff, more than 60% of the patients come out clean and happy with the recovery programs. The sincerity and honesty with a treatment program will result in successful recoveries. 


How does a psychiatrist qualify to treat you?

If a psychiatrist has a significant degree, experience, and reputation, they are qualified to consult you and prescribe you complete treatment. You should ask any questions and doubts beforehand to avoid any confusion in the future. 

You can look for top psychiatric hospitals in your surrounding and enquire about their reputation, recovery rate, and cost to take a final call. If you want to see your family happy, do not ignore signs of mental sickness.