What Is Web Crippling?

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What Is Web Crippling?

Web crippling is a structural phenomenon that occurs in steel beams used in construction. It refers to the collapse or failure of a steel beam due to excessive stress or pressure on a small area of the web, which is the vertical part of the beam between the flanges. In this blog post, we will explore the causes and consequences of web crippling, and how it can be prevented.

Causes Of Web Crippling

Web crippling can occur when there is too much concentrated load on a small area of the web. This can happen in situations where a beam is supported by a point load, such as a column or a wall, or when a beam is loaded with heavy equipment or machinery. The resulting stress on the web can cause it to buckle, deform, or even fracture, leading to the failure of the beam.

Another cause of web crippling is the use of beams with insufficient depth or thickness. In such cases, the web may not be able to withstand the load placed on it, leading to failure.

Consequences Of Web Crippling

Web crippling can have serious consequences in construction projects, leading to the collapse of structures, damage to property, and even loss of life. When a beam fails due to web crippling, it can cause a chain reaction, leading to the failure of adjacent beams and columns. This can result in the collapse of the entire structure, which can be catastrophic.

Prevention Of Web Crippling

There are several ways to prevent web crippling in steel beams. One of the most effective methods is to increase the depth or thickness of the beam. This can help distribute the load more evenly and reduce the stress on the web. Another method is to reinforce the web with additional steel plates or stiffeners. This can help to increase the strength of the web and prevent it from buckling or deforming under load.

Proper design and engineering are also important in preventing web crippling. Engineers and architects must take into account the loads that will be placed on the structure, and ensure that the beams are designed to withstand these loads without failure. This may involve using stronger materials or increasing the size and spacing of the beams to reduce the stress on the web.


Web crippling is a serious structural phenomenon that can have devastating consequences in construction projects. It is caused by excessive stress or pressure on a small area of the web, which can cause it to buckle, deform, or even fracture. However, it can be prevented through proper design and engineering, as well as the use of stronger materials and reinforcement methods. By taking steps to prevent web crippling, we can ensure the safety and stability of our buildings and infrastructure.


What Is The Meaning Of Web Crippling?

Web crippling is a form of localized buckling that occurs at points of transverse concentrated loading or supports of thin-walled structural members.

What Is Web Crippling In Steel?

Web crippling is caused by high localized stress concentrations, which in turn are caused by concentrated loads or reactions applied on a short length of the beam.

What Is Web Buckling And Crippling?

Web Buckling and Web Crippling. A heavily concentrated load or end reaction produces a region of high compressive stresses in the web either at support or under the load. This causes the web either to buckle or to cripple (or local bending).

What Is Meant By Web Buckling?

Web buckling occurs when the intensity of vertical compressive stress near centre of the section becomes greater than the critical buckling stress for the web acting as a column.


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