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What is the cost of PMP certification in Bangalore?

What is the cost of PMP certification in Bangalore?

by Ragini Salampure

The Project Management profession has recently been among the hottest jobs in the technology industry and all sectors. Demand for project managers grows faster than demand in other professions, and 88 million people will have to be qualified for project management roles by 2027.

The PMP® certification will help you gain profitable employment in information technology, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other exciting sectors. With over 1 million PMP holders worldwide, the typical pay for PMP holders globally is more than 22 percent more than their uncertified peer’s earnings.

PMP certification is just a feather on the cap, and there are various job opportunities for project management experts. In particular, the Bangalore area contains several ODCs and product firms that open up the way for many jobs. 

PMP certification in Bangalore is an excellent step for professionals to earn PMP certification. There are many modifications to the PMP course subjects in the latest sixth edition of the PMP certification course. Suppose you are an aspiring project manager or are looking for PMP online project management certification. In that case, the PMP course in Bangalore is the ideal option to celebrate your career achievement with project management. However, you might choose live virtual training aligned with in-person training because of the present pandemic. The PMP training in Bangalore will enable you to use all the tools and strategies necessary.

It would help if you understood what you’re getting into in terms of the cost before you begin to prepare for the Project management professional certification exam. Learn well about the costs associated with the PMP exam and how these expenses need to be planned.

What is the cost of PMP exam training?

PMP exam training needs an investment in terms of both the prerequisites for PMP certification and the time commitment. Let’s first look at the requirements for training. You must obtain 35 hours of project management training or CAPM certification to qualify for the examination. Training courses usually cost approximately $2,000. Even though some work is required to maintain your PMP certification, this first training expense is probably the highest PMP-related cost you have to pay.

You should engage with a reputable training provider to ensure a good investment in your PMP training. It is advised to show that you had completed the training requirements before applying for the PMP examination. PMI is entitled to check your material at any time, making it crucial for you to choose the correct training provider. Top PMP training partners will assist you in conducting the audit, saving you the time and the difficulty of managing the audit. A high-level training provider also helps protect your investment – the money-back guarantee from another aspect. 

How much does your PMP certification cost to maintain?

Gaining a PMP certification is not like the thing you do once and never think about it again. PMI is looking to verify that all PMP certification holders’ project management methods and approaches are up to date. Therefore, every three years, you are required to renew your certification to maintain your PMP certification status. You have to get 60 PDUs every three years to maintain your certification. In other project management training courses, this could therefore need an investment. If you are not a member, you additionally have a $150 renewal cost and a fee of $60 if you are a member.

Training courses are the simplest way to re-certify you, but they are not the only way. You can speak publicly, become a project manager or participate in industrial events, among other possibilities. While there are no base costs for certification renewals, such as the exam fee you pay for original certification, you might have to spend some money on high-quality PDUs.

Is this PMI Membership cost worth it?

PMI membership amounts to $129 a year plus a one-time application charge of $10. Is the cost meaningful? You can reduce the costs of certification exams, including PMP certification, with this PMI membership. You will save $150 if you have a membership, more than the annual membership costs. It might undoubtedly be a worthwhile investment for project management professionals who plan to obtain one or more certifications. 

You gain access to several PMI perks, including contents, events, tools and templates, and even a copy of the PMBOK® Guide, in addition to certification savings. You will probably appreciate this membership if you plan on a lifelong career as a project manager in the years ahead.

Is a PMP certification cost worthwhile?

After a thorough study of the costs associated with obtaining your PMP certification, it’s time to ask the great question: is your PMP certification worth the money? It could incur a sum of roughly $2,400 to $2,500. These fees may vary depending on your training selections, but this is generally the amount to be paid.

PMI estimates, however, that project managers who have certification make approximately 20% more than colleagues without a certificate. The minimum investment will therefore pay off now, as your earning potential continues to rise.

You can also discuss the costs of the certification test with your company. Many companies can cover some or part of the cost of your PMP certification. It’s in your employer’s best interest to have trained team members of project management specialists, and thus you are encouraged to support them.

Finally, it is a smart choice and a wise step for your career to gain PMP certification. When you think of the high return on your investment as your future as a project management expert, it is worth the time and effort to follow this road.

Last words

PMP certification is a highly sought-after credential in the industry and with every employer. PMP certification shows the ability to understand and know the project management skills required to become a project manager. Bangalore is India’s technology hub with countless jobs. It is appropriate for you to pursue project management training in Bangalore if you are looking for career growth.

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