What Is Short Int In C Programming?

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In the realm of C programming, understanding data types is paramount, and one such essential type is “short int.” This article delves into the intricacies of short int, providing a detailed exploration of its definition, usage, and nuances within the C programming language.

What Is Short Int In C Programming?

In C programming, “short int” is a data type that represents integer values with a smaller range compared to the standard “int.” It is a space-efficient choice when memory optimization is crucial, and the range of values to be stored falls within the limits provided by the short int data type.

What Is Short Int In C Programming With Example:

To illustrate the usage of short int, consider the following example:

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {

    short int myShortInt = 32767; // Maximum positive value for a short int

    printf(“Value of myShortInt: %d\n”, myShortInt);

    return 0;


This example initializes a short int variable with the maximum positive value it can hold and prints it to the console.

What Is Short Int In C Programming Pdf:

For those seeking a comprehensive resource on short int in C programming, a PDF document can be a valuable tool. It may cover detailed explanations, examples, and best practices related to using short int in C programming.

What Is Short Int In C Programming Mcq:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on short int in C programming can be instrumental in testing and reinforcing understanding. Questions may cover topics such as range, memory allocation, and usage scenarios for short int.

What Is Short Int In C Programming Geeksforgeeks:

GeeksforGeeks, a renowned platform for computer science education, provides in-depth articles and tutorials on short int in C programming. It offers a wealth of information, including examples, explanations, and practical insights.

Unsigned Short Int In C:

In addition to the signed short int, C programming also supports an unsigned version. An unsigned short int can only represent non-negative values, effectively doubling the range of positive values compared to its signed counterpart.

How To Print Short Int In C:

Printing a short int variable in C can be achieved using the %d format specifier in the printf function, as demonstrated in the earlier example. It is crucial to use the correct format specifier to avoid unexpected results.

Short Int Format Specifier:

The format specifier for a short int in C is %d. When using printf or scanf to handle short int variables, this specifier informs the compiler about the type of data being processed.

Difference Between Short And Int In C:

The primary difference between short int and int in C lies in the range of values they can represent and the amount of memory they consume. While int typically offers a larger range, short int is more memory-efficient, making it suitable for scenarios where memory optimization is crucial.


In conclusion, short int in C programming is a valuable tool for managing memory efficiently while representing integer values. Whether you are a novice C programmer or an experienced developer, understanding the nuances of short int is key to making informed decisions about data types and optimizing your code for better performance. As you navigate the intricacies of C programming, the utilization of short int adds versatility to your toolkit, ensuring that your programs are not only functional but also optimized for memory usage.


What Is The Short Int In C Programming Mcq?

The correct answer to the question “What is short int in C Programming” is, option (a). “short” is the qualifier and “int” is the basic datatype. If you are interested in learning Programming Languages that will enhance your job opportunities, then check out the Programming classes from Intellipaat.

Is A Short An Integer?

In Java, a short is always a 16-bit integer. In the Windows API, the datatype SHORT is defined as a 16-bit signed integer on all machines. Common short integer sizes. Programming language. Data type name.

What Is Long Int In C Programming?

The long data type stores integers like int , but gives a wider range of values at the cost of taking more memory. Long stores at least 32 bits, giving it a range of -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647. Alternatively, use unsigned long for a range of 0 to 4,294,967,295.

How To Print Short Integer In C?

In C language the format specifier we use for the unsigned short int is %hu. %hu is used to read and display results that are to be stored or already stored in the unsigned short int variable.

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