What Is PQWL?

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In the realm of train reservations, PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List) is a crucial aspect that impacts booking and confirmation for passengers. This term holds significance, especially for travelers seeking to secure tickets for their journeys. Let’s delve into the details to understand the nuances of PQWL and its implications.

What Is PQWL?

PQWL, short for Pooled Quota Waiting List, is a specific type of waiting list status that applies to certain trains and routes in the Indian Railways system. It’s important to comprehend this status, as it influences ticket booking strategies and the chances of ticket confirmation.

PQWL In Train Booking

  • Limited Availability: PQWL is generally associated with trains that cater to intermediate stations and have a pooled quota of seats reserved for specific stations along the route.
  • Multiple Quotas: The Pooled Quota system involves allotting a certain number of seats for various stations, creating a separate waiting list for each station’s quota.

Understanding PQWL In Irctc

  • IRCTC Reservation System: When booking tickets through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), passengers may encounter PQWL status, indicating limited availability for a specific station’s quota.
  • PQWL Status: It signifies that a certain number of seats from the pooled quota for a particular station are already booked, and any additional bookings fall into the PQWL waiting list.

PQWL And Confirmation Chances

  • Confirmation Probability: The chances of confirmation for PQWL tickets depend on various factors, including cancellations, route popularity, and the number of available seats in the pooled quota.
  • Movement in Waiting List: PQWL tickets tend to see movement when passengers holding confirmed tickets cancel their bookings, leading to seats being allocated to waiting list passengers.

PQWL Vs. Rlwl

  • PQWL vs. Remote Location Waiting List (RLWL): While both are waiting list statuses, PQWL pertains to specific station quotas along the route, whereas RLWL relates to stations located remotely from the train’s originating station.

PQWL and Ticket Confirmation

  • PQWL 1 Confirmation Chances: PQWL 1 has higher chances of confirmation compared to higher PQWL numbers, indicating that fewer tickets have been booked against that particular station’s quota.


In essence, PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List) is a waiting list status associated with specific station quotas in Indian Railways’ train bookings. Understanding its implications, confirmation chances, and the dynamics of the pooled quota system helps passengers make informed decisions while planning their train journeys. Being aware of PQWL status empowers travelers to gauge the probability of ticket confirmation and plan their travel arrangements accordingly.


Can PQWL Get Confirmed?

PQWL aka pooled quota waiting list is difficult to get confirmed as it is booked from in between route station where multiple station get combined quota of seats which is very small. That’s why pqwl is very difficult to confirm in most of the cases.

Can I Travel On PQWL Ticket?

If you have a PQWL ticket, it means you are on the waiting list for a specific quota. Whether you can travel or not depends on whether your ticket gets confirmed before the journey date. If your ticket is not confirmed, you may not be allowed to board the train.

Which Is Better Rac Or PQWL?

RAC is better than PQWL because in RAC, you will have half of the side lower berth as your seat but in case of PQWL, if it is a e-ticket, the ticket automatically gets cancelled and the respective amount will be created to your bank account.

Will PQWL 1 Get Confirmed In 3ac?

You will surely get it confirmed on the date of journey once chart is prepared 6 hours before the departure of the train at source station. PQWL/1 indicates that your booked station of starting of journey is not the source station and destination May also not the destination of the train but it is not necessary.

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