What Is CC In IRCTC?

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If you’re a frequent traveler on Indian Railways, you’ve probably come across the term “CC” while booking your train tickets on the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website or app. But what exactly does “CC” mean, and what can you expect when you book a ticket in this class? In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of CC in IRCTC and provide you with a comprehensive guide to chair car seating.

What Is CC In IRCTC?

CC stands for “Chair Car” in the context of Indian Railways. It is a popular class of travel that is one step above Second Sitting (2S) and below Executive Class (EC) and First Class (FC). CC is a comfortable and affordable option for travelers who want to enjoy a more comfortable journey than 2S but do not require the premium services offered in EC or FC.

Seating Arrangement

One of the key features of CC is its seating arrangement. In CC class, the seats are arranged in a 2×3 configuration, which means that there are two seats on one side of the aisle and three seats on the other side. This layout allows for more passengers in each coach compared to the 2×2 configuration of EC and FC.

Air Conditioning

CC coaches are air-conditioned, providing passengers with a more pleasant travel experience, especially during hot and humid weather. The air conditioning is generally maintained at a comfortable temperature, making it suitable for long-distance journeys.

Comfort And Amenities

While CC is not as luxurious as EC or FC, it offers a good level of comfort. Seats in CC are cushioned and have adequate legroom. Passengers can recline their seats to a certain extent, making it easier to relax during the journey. Additionally, CC coaches have reading lights, mobile charging points, and curtains for privacy.

Catering Services

CC class tickets often include catering services. Passengers are provided with food and beverages during the journey, which can vary depending on the train and route. It’s a convenient option for those who don’t want to carry their own food.


One of the reasons CC is a popular choice among travelers is its affordability. It offers a comfortable journey at a reasonable price, making it aCCessible to a wide range of passengers. The cost of CC tickets can vary depending on factors such as the train’s popularity, route, and distance.

How To Book CC Tickets On IRCTC?

Booking CC tickets on the IRCTC website or app is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the IRCTC website or open the IRCTC app.
  2. Log in with your IRCTC aCCount credentials or create a new aCCount if you don’t have one.
  3. Enter your journey details, including the source and destination stations, date of travel, and class (select CC).
  4. Click on the “Find Trains” button to search for available trains.
  5. Choose a train that suits your schedule and click on “Check Availability.”
  6. Select the number of passengers and click on “Book Now.”
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the booking process, including payment.


CC (Chair Car) in IRCTC offers a comfortable and affordable travel option for passengers who want more comfort than Second Sitting but don’t require the premium services of Executive Class or First Class. With air-conditioned coaches, cushioned seats, and catering services on some trains, CC is a popular choice for both short and long-distance journeys. The next time you plan a train trip in India, consider booking a CC ticket for a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience.


Which Is Better 2s Or CC?

2S – Seater class: same as AC Chair car, but with bench style seats and without the air-conditioning. 108 seats per coach and not very comfortable. Suitable for short travels. CC – AC chair car: An air-conditioned seater coach with a total of five seats in a row used for day travel between cities.

What Is CC And 2s In Train?

Such class of aCCommodation is abbreviated as below: 1A= First AC, 2A=2 Tier AC Sleer, 3A= 3 tier AC sleeper, CC= Chair Car, FC=First Class, SL= Sleeper Class, 2S= Second Class seat.

What Is CC And Ec In IRCTC?

Q: What is the difference between CC and EC classes in Shatabdi trains? A: CC stands for AC Chair Car while EC stands for Executive AC Chair Car. While both these are AC coaches, EC coaches are more spacious and offer passengers more legroom as compared to CC.

Is CC Comfortable In Train?

AC Chair Class (CC)

It can be found on daytime and short distance trains. It is an affordable and comfortable way for train journeys less than 5 hours.

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