Truemeds: an order medicine online app for everyone 


When we order medicine online from an app, great quality & affordable medicines with fast delivery and priority are some services we expect. 

Warmth and priority are the main reasons why people prefer going to the local stores near their homes. You know, your pharmacist will prioritize you amongst everyone. 

Unfortunately, not many apps offer priority and warmness with their medicines. And if they do, you need to pay extra money to get the service as a premium member. A lot of order medicine online apps provide premium memberships to their customers by asking for extra money. Isn’t this wrong?

Thus, people prefer buying from their local stores that don’t ask for money for priority and warmth. This isn’t the only reason why people prefer local stores. Few other reasons include:

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  • Most of the local stores are permitted or licensed by the government. There are a lot of online apps that are not licensed.
  • You are less likely to be scammed by your local store, while a home medicine delivery app that isn’t registered may increase the chances of you getting scammed.
  • Pharmacists in local stores are usually certified to do what they are doing. Many online apps do not have any medical supervision. If they have supervision, it is not performed by a licensed health professional.
  • Even if you are a regular customer, most pharmacists ask for a valid prescription before selling medicines. This doesn’t happen with all the order medicine online apps.
  • Medicines you get from your local stores are mostly approved by the government. Physical examination of medicines by you reduces the chances of getting expired or fake medicines. Many order medicine online apps do not sell government-approved medicines to their customers in the first place.
  • Local pharmacies provide cash payment with other payment options, which makes it convenient for many people. Many order medicine online apps do not provide cash-on-delivery options. It makes it hard for the customers to trust the store. 

This makes it hard for those people who find purchasing medicines from local stores inconvenient and time-taking. 

Truemeds is the best home medicine delivery app for people who want the convenience of online apps and the warmth of local stores. It is an order medicine online app for everyone!

Truemeds is the best home medicine delivery app for everyone because:

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  • It is licensed under the government body, RoC-Kanpur.
  • They have certified doctors with years of experience in medical supervision.
  • It supplies medicine only with a valid prescription. 
  • It sells only CDSCO approved medicines and does not sell expired, diluted, or fake medicines.
  • It offers a cash-on-delivery option with other options of payment.
  • The home medicine delivery app and website are protected. Your personal and financial data is safe within Truemeds.

Over every benefit, Truemeds believe in treating every customer with utmost respect and priority. The home medicine delivery app treats customers as its family members. It does everything to provide a warm feeling to customers.  

So, if you are looking for a permanent member to order medicine online on your phone, install Truemeds!


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