‘The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways’ 

-Robert Green. 

Sundar Pichai a common man who lived in a two-room set with his family somewhere in Madaras(now Chennai), completed his schooling from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Chennai needs no introduction today. Beginning straight from his school days to reaching IIT Kharagpur and then making his friends, family, and India proud when he became the CEO of Google and Alphabet in 2015 he has been an inspiration for every other individual out there. Every other magazine, television channel, social media platform, and even school/college textbook cover him or talk about him. People consider him as their inspiration, ever wondered why? Why is success never leaves him? Why is he always on the top list? Why every other college student dreams to be the next Sundar Pichai? Is it all because of his good luck? Not only him but uncountable people who all have reached the greater heights today, what was their mantra of success? Was it luck? 

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Let’s unveil their formula- Skills. Yes, you read that right, enhancing your skills, constant hard work, smart work, efforts are what pay off in the end. 

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So what are these skills? 

Skill can be defined as the ability to do something well and with expertise. For example- the teacher who teaches you in school or through apps for teaching online through online teaching sites is able to teach you because of the teaching skills they have. Similarly, every field requires a skill set. Wondering what skills will help you build a wonderful career? We got your back. Let us introduce you to the top three skills that can help you earn a good amount straight after completing school or college. 

  • Digital Marketing- Marketing has always been the backbone of a business. From India to America every organization or enterprise tries to put their best foot forward when it comes to the marketing of their product. From marketing the product in local buses and trains we have come so far globally. The traditional marketing patterns are rapidly shifting to online marketing in order to target the right audience or their potential customers. Digital marketing is the most rapidly growing field that doesn’t force you to have a bachelor’s degree unlike engineering, etc. You can earn as much as you want by developing the right set of skills. You can start with doing a basic or advanced digital marketing course, and trust us they are very pocket-friendly and a wonderful investment. 
  • Content Writing- In today’s times when the Internet is such a big hit, it has become very convenient for people to reach out to people globally. From reading ten to sixteen pages of newspapers, we have shifted to sixty-second news applications online. From buying a pen to a car or even a house, the first thing we do is check its quality, price, characteristics, etc online. Who do you think writes all that about that product online? It’s the great content writers behind it. So, you can yourself have an idea of how crucial writing is for each organization and so is the demand of content

writers. You can either do a content writing course or practice content writing by writing blogs, etc. 

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  • Graphic Designing- Imagine eating your chips or snacks from a plain cover or packet from the outside, how boring isn’t it? Or imagine the advertisements you see everywhere, from roads to social media, from newspapers to walls, to be black and white with no graphics, how difficult is that to even imagine that. This is just an example of how deeply the graphics affect us. We can easily differentiate between two flavors of chips just by looking at their packets. Graphic designers are a want and need of these growing times. One should totally invest their time and money in learning graphic designing. 

All the above-mentioned options are not only high in demand but are also very interesting to learn. The practical approaches and practice, individuals get to sharpen their skills. Escaping the stereotypical norms and constructs, students can choose their own path completely depending on their interests. Having good skills not only makes you feel confident but also gives you financial freedom as you can always choose to help others with the skills you have, without compromising with your regular life. Freelancing is a great example of the same. 

So, the answer to all the questions you might have after reading the success stories of thousands of other achievers is their skillset and efforts. Luck may play a role but ‘God helps them those who help themselves. 

All the best and keep learning!