Top Entry-Level Grand Seiko Watches To Buy

The Grand Seiko watch brand has been in the dark of the global watch industry for most of its history. Of course, except for Japan. This changed when the brand decided to go global, and the world was exposed to this brand’s exquisite timepieces. They have captivated the watch industry with a functional design along with subtle style. But since its globalization, non-enthusiasts still ponder on the cryptic reference numbers and various models to choose from. Much of it still has a tinge of mystery to them, even to the beginning watch enthusiasts.

Here we bring you a list of the most famous timepieces from Grand Seiko for a quick run initiation to the brand.

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Why Grand Seiko?

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Grand Seiko has long since graced the global stage in the watch industry. It has to thank its parent company, Seiko, for that. This may not be influenced in its entirety but definitely, it has played a part. The famous watchmaker from Japan has rivaled western brands for a good 50 years. Grand Seiko has established itself to be a serious player with the influence to carry on through the years.

Grand Seiko has been known for its elegant designs, and simple, yet functional, movements that work. These luxury watches do significantly stand the test of time. So much so that often these watches are inherited or gifted to signify lasting prosperity.

Which Grand Seiko Watches to Consider?

Luxury watches are more than an accessory for the wrist and telling the time. These exquisite pieces are as much of an art as it is an investment. Some pieces hold or even increase in value over time. This trait is an investment in itself. Some of the coveted watches are kept in pristine condition, even going through generations and generations.

The Grand Seiko SBGR253

The SBGR253 is a timeless piece with a simple and subtle design. It exudes style and class with its unassuming black face and sharp hands. This timepiece belongs to the Grand Seiko’s Heritage collection. It features a 37mm stainless steel case and is adorned with a sleek steel bracelet. The SBGR253 is not widely known outside of enthusiasts but it can stand on its own with its unsaturated market for this specific model.

Its entry-level classification is relative to the quality and makes for its class. A relatively less expensive for a luxury watch, but its price doesn’t reflect its quality. It’s a quality piece with the basic bells and whistles of a luxury watch. One could not go wrong with this elegant piece of art.

Grand Seiko SBGV005

This classic timepiece is a staple in the quartz category. This SBGV005 Grand Seiko is one of the brand’s testaments to its dedication and standard of quality. It exhibits the innovation and accuracy that the Japanese brand is known for. The 9F movement in a Grand Seiko ensures customers a 10 second per year accuracy. Simply, a quartz movement that captivates an enthusiast, even in an automatic movement saturated market.

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Grand Seiko SBGV011

The SBGV011 is the one for those who seek style with a casual bearing. A relatively new limited edition from Grand Seiko in 2014. The SBGV011 is a relatively small watch with proportions that match its subtle design. This elegant timepiece showcases a black dial with a minimalist face and completes the style with its sleek leather strap. An exquisite design that lends itself well to a smart casual style and even formal events. Honestly, it even holds itself well to casual daily wear.

Grand Seiko SLGH003

Now, this entry to the list may be a divisive one. When there’s one sector of the watch market that drools with a modernist design, then there’s the other half that basks in the glory days of the classic. This Grand Seiko SLGH003 is a case in point. This wonderful timepiece features the classic GS face and dial with a deep ocean blue color. One might be reminded of the deep blue ocean surrounding Japan. Truly art imitates nature. This significant piece is one that GS can be proud of. It houses a dual impulse escapement that reportedly Grand Seiko spent almost nine years developing.

In a Nutshell

There is something extremely profound in the human connection to beauty and art. An inherent capacity to recognize and encapsulate both our conscious and subconscious. One can argue that one possesses a specific preference for style, but why do we still open ourselves to new designs? This may be digging in too deep to our fundamental judgment of beauty but one thing remains − we can be captivated with what we deem beautiful. And that is not a bad thing. Consider looking into these elegant timepieces from Grand Seiko and visit The Watch Company for more inspiration. These entry-level luxury watches are examples that simple designs don’t mean cosmetic. These timepieces are functional and elegant, which encapsulates beauty in function.