Surrogacy as a breakthrough of reproductive program


Surrogacy is in debate for quite some time and people can enjoy the emotional bond with their biological child through surrogacy. There are many births taking place in different countries through surrogacy.

Surrogacy is a procedure where a woman known as a surrogate mother bears a child for a couple or any other person in exchange for money on either a commercial basis or in the form of a favor. Aside from that, surrogacy permitted infertile couples to have their baby from their eggs and sperm. Apart from that, this reproductive program has made advancements in the fields of medicine and many countries have adopted this technology, and clinics in all those countries are working on it to provide these incredible services to infertile couples.

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Even more, surrogacy is a blessing for all those people who have lost the hope of giving birth to their children.

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Additionally, this advanced reproductive technology provides an opportunity for everyone to become happy parents. The Feskov leihmutter agentur provides the best surrogacy services for people of the world.

Fesco reproductive group has conducted many surrogacy procedures that were successful too. Besides that, there are some important numbers associated with the feskov reproductive group, they are as under:

  • This group has delivered 18,000 healthy children
  • Those children live in 52 countries
  • Also, there are 23 highly professional scientists in the clinic
  • An egg donor database of 10,000 is also available

Reasons to choose feskov’s service

There are multiple reasons due to which you can choose feskov for conducting surrogacy:

  • Experience

The Feskov reproductive group has been in this field for several years and they are highly professional too. The team has very intelligent and qualified doctors that make every procedure successful through their efforts. Also, an amazing fact about this reproductive group is that they have completed many Vitro fertilization programs successfully. Besides that, the legal and birth guarantee is also provided to the couples so that they can build trust with this reproductive group. Many healthy children are born through surrogacy in feskov reproductive clinics.

  • Healthy children

The team of the feskov reproductive program selects a healthy embryo for each procedure and makes sure that no transmission of hereditary diseases occurs in the newborn child. Apart from that, the couple can now choose the gender of the child which is great. Science has come up with something new and exciting for infertile couples.

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  • Confidentiality

We have a record of many clients and we believe in keeping it safe without invading the privacy of our customers. Also, we use a reliable personal information protection system for every individual patient.

  • Reliable egg donor database

The clinic has its database of surrogate mothers and egg donors from different countries and our customers can choose any of the donors of their desire. 

Kinds of surrogacy

There are two types of surrogacy which we will discuss briefly in this article. Furthermore, these two types are the ones on which the entire surrogacy program depends. Following are the types:

  • Traditional surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy means that the eggs of the surrogate mother are used for the creation of the embryo. Moreover, along with the eggs of the surrogate mother, the sperm of the future father is used to create the procedure. This way, the surrogate has a biological link with the baby.

  • Gestational surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is the process where the surrogate mother only bears the child for the couple and has no biological link with the baby. 

Final words

Surrogacy Is an essential process for infertile couples. Furthermore, this procedure has helped many couples to have their biological baby. Apart from that, the types of procedures are also discussed in his process to help the people understand the difference between the two types. Also, a leihmutterschaft is popular among people who want to get surrogate services.