LPH water purifiers for commercial usages- Check Details, Cost, and Process


Drinking safe and healthy water is of utmost necessity from humans to animals and for all the living beings in the entire world. Do you know how this safe water is obtained? Stay tuned as we will be explaining how healthy and hygienic water is produced by a scientific process.

If you own a commercial institution like [schools, offices, banks, shops, multi-stores, hotels, etc] then providing safe and pure water to your employees should be an important concern. Normal water purifiers that range from 2 liters to 20 liters can be installed at home for normal to moderate usages.

But it is recommended to install a commercial 500 LPH RO water plant or greater than 500 LPH if the number of people and usage is more than moderate.

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LPH in RO Water Purifier

The term ‘LPH’ stands for – [liter per hour] it simply describes that how many liters of water can a purifier filter out to provide pure water. The technology which is used to remove impurities and other harmful water chemical particles are known as “Reverse Osmosis”.

This technology works with the help of the water membrane that is used to perform the purification process. It assists in the removal of mixed chemicals and other harmful micro-particles from the water, ensuring to provide safe and clean water which is also known as SOFT water.

Through the semipermeable membrane, filtered water is obtained via the greater level of pressure released from the water membrane. With the help of pressure, the harmful particles get blocked in the membrane due to their heavy molecular weight. If the particle has more than 15 molecular weights then it will get stuck in the filter membrane.

The RO technology is scientifically proven to remove harmful bacteria and viruses dissolved in water, it helps to separate various impurities like [ sediments, micro-particles, viruses]. Water measuring higher TDS levels means that it is not suitable for drinking and other commercial purposes.

The risk of water-borne diseases is higher in hard water which contains such above described impurities. Hard water is considered a concerning reason for skin, stomach, eyes, and hair infections in humans and animals.

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Commercial RO is recommended to be used in public-operated areas and offices, ensuring good hygiene and better immunity. The RO water plants come in various capacities you can install them according to the raw water requirements in your organization. The liter capacity ranges from [25~2000 LPH]. The prices of the RO plants vary from features, models, and tank capacity, generally, 50% of the price determination is made based upon the liter capacity, the greater volume comes with a greater price.

Which Filter Type Is Best For Drinking Water?

The most common and effective filter available in the market is “Reverse Osmosis”. It is very excellent in removing a higher percentage of impurities present in water that contains [toxins, fluoride, arsenic, copper, salts, etc]. The RO filters are popular due to their top-of-mark performance in removing a large percentage of contaminants from the water, also reducing the dangerous risk of water-borne diseases.

This type of filter works by pushing the water through the RO water membrane via extreme pressure. The impurities get blocked on one side of the tank while pure water is extracted to the other outlet. This technology can also extract dissolved contaminants like chromium and fluorides.

The RO water purifier uses an inordinate volume of water up to 2-4 times more than normal. The reverse osmosis process is a time taking technology that works effectively to provide clean and safe water.

Cost Of RO Water Plants For Commercial Establishments In India

The commercial reverse osmosis technology water plants are available in the market from starting price of ₹49000/- up to ₹2500000/-. The range of the price depends upon the model generations and tank capacity along with the service warranty extension charges.

Is RO Water Safe For Kidneys?

The RO water purifier produces safe and clean drinking water which is also known as soft water that is easier for our digestive system to absorb thus boosting the functions of the liver, kidney, lungs, and intestines for better immunity and energy. It is also beneficial for skin as soft water helps to clear pores and thus prevents dullness and skin infections. The soft water feels light in our body and can be digested easily with beverages.

Advantages Of RO Water Plants

There are several benefits of having an RO water plant installed at your organization for the pure delivery of water to your staff members.

  • The water produced by RO is low hazardous in nature due to its natural pressure technology which requires no chemicals
  • The impure water is blocked and sinks out with the outlet pipe thus perfectly removing the harmful resins and ions
  • RO technology is becoming more economical due to its large usages around the world
  • RO water plants don’t consume much electrical energy.


Switch to the reverse osmosis water purifiers if you are looking for a budget water purification system for your organization to provide safe and clean water to your working management. We have explained to you a detailed guide on how this technology works and is famous for its budget and purification of water. You can choose the liter capacity accordingly with the number of people and its usage per hour.

Hope we have cleared your necessary doubts and explanation on water plants for commercial usages. Make sure not to prefer the normal home RO water purifier for commercial purposes as it will significantly increase your cost of maintenance and service charges due to its costly filter cartridges and water membrane that once damaged then it needs to be replaced with the new one as it is not repairable. Make sure to use only genuine and authorized spare parts and filter cartridges sold by the manufacturer to use the RO water plants effectively for a long time.


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