Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is an Asian island united into a city-state under the same name. As early as 1951, Singapore was a protectorate of the British Empire as a self-governing state. It is now a free country that declared independence in the last century. In the same century, a miracle occurred, and Singapore transformed itself from an underdeveloped and corrupt state into a highly developed state with a high standard of living, becoming the world’s trade and financial center. Foreign experts had played an important role in that regard, and their involvement had become the basis of Singapore’s migration policy. Because of this policy, and because of all this reform, working in Singapore today is a beautiful, modern and highly developed nation, as well as one of the few countries where anyone who wants to work here can earn high wages. 

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Today, Singapore is ranked among the top in world economic rankings, with both highly educated professionals and ordinary workers in high demand. IT-technologies, medicine, tourism, real estate, etc. are developed here, so jobs in Singapore are most often found in these positions and earn very high wages. It would be easy for any foreigner to find a job here. In 2018, the most sought-after and popular jobs in Singapore in the labor market were in accounting, marketing, secretarial, sales manager, and advertising. 

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It is worth considering that in order to work in Singapore, you must have certain skills other than education. For example, without English, it is not even worth trying to find high-paying jobs in Singapore. Without language, you cannot find a job in this country at all. English is the official national language of Singapore and is spoken by the entire population, despite the fact that more than 70% of the inhabitants are Chinese. But if you speak English well, that’s a huge plus, and you don’t feel uncomfortable living and working in Singapore.

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Employment in Singapore also requires first a work permit from the Ministry of Manpower, which is responsible for these matters. It means that without a work permit, you won’t even be considered a potential employee, that’s why you need a work permit. Besides a work permit, you need a work visa.

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Actually, living and working in Singapore is really cool. It’s a modern city with modern people, and it’s also a huge benefit of not being corrupt, so everything in Singapore is as honest as possible. There are many sights and other interesting things in this town that you can learn about working there. It is also desirable to look for a job in Singapore where the employer can give you a place to live, as the cost of renting a house in Singapore, overcrowded buildings and space is very high. By the way, this and much more you can specify on the Layboard  when looking for a job, you can apply search filters so that you can find exactly the job you dreamed of. Looking for a job in your dream place in 2021 is very easy – you just need the Internet, so nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!