iTop VPN – the best free VPN server


iTop VPN is the best VPN for windows that provides a fast and free network solution with all the security, identity management, and location. The network solutions are practical and help the user in unlocking the geo limitations forced upon by the government. The high-grade encryption protocols are also followed by it. The lightning speed internet connection is provided by it as it gives the best speed of data transfer. If we thread all the lines together then we get that it is a wholesome trustworthy server among all its competitors.

Features of iTop VPN


  1. Unblocking geo limited websites


You can easily unlock the blocked content freely by using this free VPN for Windows. The users of iTop VPN can easily unlock the geo problems and can gain easy access to all the videos and audio. This happens because it shows different locations by sharing various URLs. The more convenient thing is that it directly connects to various platforms with this software.

  1. Best in class encryption

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 A huge number of platforms are connected with it including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and many more. With just a simple click you can reach wherever you want and have access to and everything. The best-in-class encryption services are provided by a top VPN to safeguard our traveling on the internet. It even prevents the government and third-party Access to your data search to give you military card protection. It is most secure over public Wi-Fi and online banking too. The motto of the people working in its association is to give super tight security for its client and robbers to the encryption.

  1. Fast speed internet 

Blazing the fast speed of the internet is the best quality of using VPN for Windows because it does not let the users compromise with the transferring speed of the internet. It helps its users in building a safe tunnel with the best speed. The speed is not limited and for gamers and streamers, it is provided at a very low ping so that they can have uninterrupted access and original speed. The original speed will even be surpassed by the speed provided by top VPN. Whether you undertake the streaming of SD, HD, or ultra-HD quality but internet speed would never be compromised.

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Wrapping Up

The connectivity of up to five devices at a single time and using them spontaneously and simultaneously make the server the best free VPN for Windows of all its competitors. Statistics have shown that it has reached the top position of the service providing internet connections. What’s even better than the lightning-fast speed of the internet on any video vendor platform. Unlimited bandwidth has its importance in another way. Best free VPN for Windows provides it to benefits its customers and helps them not to slow down the internet connection. It helps in mitigating the influence of IPS throttling and manages it to be greater than the slow speed imposed by your internet service provider internationally. It is impossible to accelerate more network speed provided by it.