Introduction to the Study Abroad Life in Australia

What is the life of studying abroad in Australia? What preparations do you have to do to study in Australia? Today, let’s talk about the study life in Australia!

Overview of studying in Australia

Australia is one of the main destinations for international students, and thousands of international students go to Australia to study every year. At the same time, as a country where multiple cultures coexist, Australia is also populated by many foreigners, especially major overseas study cities, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, etc.

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Live in Australia

When first arrived in Australia, what everyone cared about most was definitely the issue of accommodation. Generally speaking, there are three choices for the accommodation of international students: school dormitory, host family and renting a house on their own.

Among them, school dormitories are more convenient and safe, and you can apply directly to the school. Some schools also provide three meals for boarding students. However, the cost of dormitory accommodation is generally higher, 3-4 times that of renting a house, and it is not allowed to cook by yourself, and it is also far away from supermarkets for general living purchases. In addition, Australian schools generally have fewer dormitory places, so you need to apply in advance.

The host family can also apply to the school, and the school will allocate and arrange it. The host family’s expenses are in the middle, and families generally provide students with separate bedrooms and 2-3 meals a day. Living in a host family can help students adapt to the life of studying abroad as soon as possible, and save part of the troubles of living alone. Someone will take care and help. But in fact, the host families encountered are both good and bad. If you choose this accommodation method, international students should learn to deal with the host family, learn to communicate and adapt to each other.

Compared with school accommodation and host families, renting a house by yourself is the most economical way. You can find a satisfactory house according to your own preferences and requirements for accommodation. International students can also choose three or two companions to stay together, take care of each other, or stay on their own, to meet and make good roommates from other countries. However, renting a house on your own carries a greater risk. There are many houses and complicated information. International students need to carefully identify and consider themselves, and pay special attention to the safety of life and property. 

Eat in Australia

As a British colonial country, Australia’s diet maintains a habit similar to western-style food. The traditional staple food is mainly western-style food. Meat pies, sandwiches, steaks, etc. are common Australian foods. But in Australia, people do not have a separate lunch time, so most people will take fast food such as sandwiches, burgers, and meat pies as lunch, and it will be resolved quickly within half an hour.

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In addition to traditional western food, Australia, as a country surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, is naturally indispensable for seafood. Therefore, seafood is also an important part of the daily diet of Australians. Common ways to eat seafood include fragrant deep-frying, authentic boiled, delicious barbecue, and rich cheese baking.

Travel in Australia

In Australia, international students can choose many modes of transportation, among which public transportation is the main one, such as buses, trains, trams, and ferries. These public transports have clear timetables, and everyone should remember to watch the time so as not to miss the bus and cause lateness. By public transportation, you can buy weekly tickets, monthly tickets, etc., which have certain discounts than ordinary tickets, and are suitable for students who travel to and from school every day.

Study in Australia

As an international student, the first task of going to Australia is of course to study. Tuition fees in Australia are calculated based on credits, and each credit is a tuition fee, so every point is very “precious”. The tuition fee for a general university in Australia is about 20,000 Australian dollars a year, which is paid by the semester.

Most international students go to Australia with 3-4 class hours a week. Therefore, there is more spare time to work or develop hobbies. Part of the course time in Australia can be chosen by yourself, so you can also choose the right time according to your own work and rest habits and accommodation. 

In Australia, coursework often arranges group work, so finding a reliable group member is also very important. The group discussion time is usually after class and the place is the school discussion room. If you miss this time, it will be very difficult for group members to find each other, so cherish every opportunity for discussion.

For more information about studying in Australia, you can visit the News & Tips section of CatEight.

What you need to do before studying in Australia?

Having said so much, what preparation do I need to do before going to study in Australia?

  • Choose a suitable accommodation method, and contact as soon as possible to confirm the accommodation.
  • Prepare the living funds for studying abroad, apply for an Australian bank credit card, or bring a dual currency credit card that can be used in Australia.
  • Get a valid phone card and carry valid communication equipment.
  • Contact the pick-up staff in advance to apply for airport pick-up service.
  • Understand the entry regulations of Australia, do not bring prohibited items, and avoid unnecessary troubles.
  • Understand the school opening and registration time, do not miss registration, and set aside a period of time to adapt.
  • Learn about the school’s curriculum settings and conditions in advance, so that you can choose your favorite courses during the course selection week.

This is the study abroad life in Australia. What do you think of it?


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