How To Prepare For Your New Puppy

Getting a new puppy can bring joy and excitement to your family. However, they also come with a great deal of work and responsibility. Having everything in place and knowing how to take care of your pet before it comes home to you will help to make the transition a smooth one. Here are a few tips to prepare for your new dog.

Research What You Should Need

Before you pick your pooch up, study the breed that they are and look for any special requirements that they should have. Estimate what their size will be so that you can purchase the correct kennel for them. Your veterinarian can assist you with this and set up your first visit for a check up and vaccines. Scan the internet for free puppy training so that the newest member of your family will be well behaved when you have visitors come over. Research the best brand of food for your dog and what are acceptable treats to give them. Having this information gathered ahead of time will have you better prepared when your puppy arrives at your house.

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Prepare Your Home

Puppies are curious about there surroundings and like to chew on many things. Leaving valuable items on the floor may result in them being damaged by their little yet powerful teeth. Evaluate your home for possessions that you want to protect for your dog or may harm them if they swallow it. When you locate these, determine where their new home will be. It should be high enough that they will be unable to reach it. You should also search for chemicals and other substances that can make them sick. Place these in a secured cabinet or outside in a storage area away from your pet.

Buy Your Supplies

A few days before you bring your dog to your house, make a trip to the pet store to get what you will need. Purchase a kennel big enough for it that will allow for future growth. Get bowls for food and water then select what you intend to feed it. You should have treats on hand to help train it as a reward for a job well done. It will need toys to keep it busy as well as something soft to sleep on. If your puppy has yet to be trained to relieve itself outdoors, you may want to get potty pads for it. This will save your floors and carpeting from getting ruined if it has an accident. Buy extra cleaning supplies and have rags available to tidy up the messes that will be happening in the next few weeks. Organize and set up what is needed so your pet will feel at home as soon as it arrives.

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Help You Pet To Adjust To Its New Home

Once you get your pooch home, watch where it goes and what it does. Although you were very vigilant about picking up objects it could get into, there will still be one or two items it will try to chew on. This is a great time to determine the rules that you will have for your pet. Be sure that everyone in the household understands what they are and agrees to them or the puppy will get confused when it is disciplined. Play with it so that it understands what it’s toys are and how to utilize them. Evaluate them regularly to ensure they work properly and that pieces are still intact. Squeakers and stitching can come loose and ingested, making your dog sick quickly. Adding a puppy to your family is an exciting moment for the pet and the humans in the house. Being prepared to welcome your new dog buy purchasing what it will need, setting up the proper training, and scheduling it in to visit the veterinarian will make the adjustment to your new family member simple and smooth.

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