Go Back in Time With Hamilton Ventura Timepieces


The beginnings of Hamilton Ventura started in 1957 when they introduced it in New York. Its brand wowed the people for its unique design, where one can not distinguish it if it’s a “D” or a shield, an extraordinary shape for a watch. During those times, the Rock and Roll culture rocked the world, thus influencing the watch brand’s design.

Thanks to the creative designer, Richard Arbib, for coming up with these eccentric designs. Hamilton contacted him and allowed him to do however he wanted the watch to become. See how perfect the result was? Let’s look at the gorgeous creations of Hamilton Ventura that will truly captivate your interest.

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Ventura Chrono Quartz

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The Ventura watches on the market now have a time-only feature, while others have an additional date complication. However,  Ventura Chrono Quartz has a chronograph complication that only high-quality popular watches possess. 

This timepiece has three sub-dials for measuring time, having black sub-dials contrasted with the background, which is off-white. This design makes the watch similar to “panda dials,” which is quite popular with collectors. It comes in stainless steel, 32.3mm in size, and has 50-meter water resistance.

Ventura Elvis 80 Quartz

This particular watch is a tribute to Elvis Presley and is powered by a battery. It is quite large with its size of 44.6mm and has the alluring orange vibe at the dial’s top-right position. The gray markers, on the other hand, encircle the dial from 3 o’clock to 12 o’clock.

The black strap gives this watch a sporty look, but don’t worry if you are a fan of leather or metal straps, as it is interchangeable. It is a great must-have for people who are looking for an affordable watch rather than the mechanical ones. It has the same specs of 50-meter water resistance and a stainless steel body.

Hamilton Ventura Quartz

This new Ventura is as near to the original Ventura that was first launched in 1957 as anything can be. This line dates to the most recent period, bearing the shield-shaped case and various patterned dials. Its movement uses the Caliber F05.111 and has a frequency of 32,768vph.

Design-wise, it has three jewels and a stainless steel case that is somewhere in the middle in terms of size. Approximately average in size, such as 32.3mm. This measurement allows it to be adjustable, therefore being suitable for various wrists. It also has a predominantly black color palette. The leather strap, together with the dial, will compliment many outfits. It is also water-resistant up to 50 meters deep.

Ventura Open Heart Auto

Ventura is famous because it is the first electric watch. However, we cannot deny that other people still prefer and demand automatic editions. Hence, Hamilton brought the Ventura Open Heart Auto. It uses the three-hand movement, which is Caliber H-10, featuring refined pearl and snail patterns.  

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The dials are seen in the clear window at the noon location. What makes it run is the 80-hour power reserve that doubles an average automatic watch’s power reserve. Its size is 34.7mm in diameter and also water-resistant to 50 meters underwater.

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Ventura XXL Auto

If you love large-sized wristwatches, then Ventura XXL Auto is right for you. With a diameter of 46mm, it is the biggest model in this brand. It would best suit a bigger wrist. It uses Caliber H-10 movement like the other models, featuring three hands without the date complexity. The power reserve is up to 80 hours, ensuring a longer running time even when you don’t wear it.

This stainless steel watch model has a variety of complications. It has the subtle dial honeycomb grill patterns, and at the upper right position are the dark red accents for the additional color vibe. What made it even more popular is its appearance in the movie Men in Black. The characters wore it, and the fans began to call it “the timepiece of the galaxy.”

Ventura S Quartz

If Hamilton has the most prominent watch, it also has the smallest – the Ventura S Quartz. It measures 24mm, smaller than an average timepiece. Looking at the designs, it carries a sophisticated black dial with zigzag patterns at the mid-part. The leather strap exudes class too. 

Inside this watch is the trusted Caliber F03.101, powered by a battery. The size of this elegant watch is perfect for those who have smaller wrists and those who love vintage-sized watches. Same with other models, it comes in its distinctive stainless steel body.

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Hamilton Ventura’s iconic shield case keeps it apart from the designs of the luxury watches’ faces. Look at how aesthetically beautiful it is, and you’ll know you got yourself something that people will admire. Want to have this “Watch of the Future?” Visit Watch Shopping right now to get the best deals for you!