What Is Ccc.Exe? Why Is It Running?


The ccc.exe is running in the background process and slowing your computer. And you are searching about why it is running? Then I am going to tell you every detail about what is catalyst control center on this topic. You will understand what it is and why is it seen in the Task Manager. The information that you will read is going to help you very much. You would not like to miss any important point related to it. Also, I will tell you every basic thing that is in it so let us start first with know about ccc.exe what is it.

What Is Ccc.Exe?

CCC.exe is an executable file that is a program developed by ATI Technologies, Inc. This is also called Catalyst Control Center a branding software. The location of the executable itself will help you decide if a given file is a valid Windows operation or a virus. The program is usually 37.1 MB in size. You will be able to locate it in the following file path C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe. 

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Why Is Ccc.Exe Running?

The ATI Catalyst Control Center is represented by CCC.exe. This is running because the catalyst control center is included with your video card drivers and configured with applications for an ATI video card. It includes features that allow you to easily adjust your display settings, window configuration, and other settings. It is neither spyware nor malware. I will explain this further so let take a look at it.

Is Ccc.Exe Virus?

Though Ccc.Exe catalyst control center host application is not a virus when downloaded directly from AMD. Any anti-virus or anti-malware software can detect this sort of secret bug as it has an extension of .exe. This extension is created by some of the hackers. But you can also check the ccc.exe high cpu usage location on your device. You must be thinking why must be this much ccc.exe memory leak happening in your computer. So let us know how to find the location of it in the following.

Ccc.Exe Location

With the following steps, you can find the ccc .exe on your computer.

  1. Open your computer.
  2. Press control+alt+delete keys.
  3. Click on Task Manager
  4. Task Manager window opens
  5. Click on the Processes tab
  6. Search for ccc .exe
  7. Do right-click the name column
  8. Do left-click where it says command line
  9. Write command line
  10. Similar to Program Files (x86)/ATI Technologies.

Common Ccc.Exe Application Error

The ccc .exe error messages can appear during the installation of a package. the restart or shutdown of Windows, at the time of installation of the Windows operating system, while execution of the catalyst control center launcher. When it comes to troubleshooting, maintaining a log of the ccc.exe bad image errors is important for the detection of the problems.

Below are some of the common errors that you will get while using this .exe application.

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  • ccc .exe failed
  • ccc .exe Application Error
  • Cannot find ccc .exe
  • Error starting program: ccc .exe
  • Faulting Application Path: ccc .exe
  • Error showing message like ccc .exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience
  • ccc .exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • ccc .exe is not running
  • ccc .exe not found

Ccc.Exe How To Delete It?

  1. Open your computer.
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Search for ATI Catalyst Install Manager
  4. Select it
  5. Choose Uninstall
  6. Confirm the deletion
  7. Wait for deletion.

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What Is ccc Exe Used For?

ccc .exe is used for the graphics card interface driver and utility program kit. This is designed for AMD graphics cards and the execution of The Catalyst Control Center is launched as a result of this operation.

Can I Delete Catalyst Control Center?

Yes, you can delete the catalyst control center. For this, you will need to uninstall it from the control panel.

Do You Need Catalyst Control Center?

No, Catalyst Control Center is not a necessary application. You can disable it from the startup processes. It is just software that is related to the video card.

What Is Catalyst Control Centre Launcher?

Catalyst Control Centre Launcher is an executable file that is a program developed by ATI Technologies, Inc. The location of the executable itself will help you decide if a given file is a valid Windows operation or a virus. The program is usually 37.1 MB in size. You will be able to locate it in the following file path C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe.

Is Catalyst Control Center A Virus?

While CCC.exe isn’t a virus when you download it directly from AMD, a virus could disguise itself as CCC.exe. Any good anti-virus or anti-malware program will pick up this type of hidden problem, but you can also look at the location of CCC.exe on your computer.

Can I Disable Catalyst Control Center Launcher From Startup?

Catalyst gets installed with AMD Display drivers and is not needed bloatware. You can uninstall it in Control Panel, or at minimum disable it at startup in Task Manager Startup tab and msconfig>Services after Hiding all MS Services..

How To Setup AMD Catalyst Control Center?

Right-click on any open space on the desktop and click on AMD Catalyst Control Center (CCC). Within CCC, select Gaming > 3D Application Settings. Click + Add, then browse to and select TESV.exe, and click on this new profile (these settings will only apply to Skyrim now).

How Much Do You Make In The CCC?

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Above you read about what is ccc.exe in task manager in detail. I told you various important points that you must be searching about this .exe file. In this article, we discussed several things that were related to the catalyst control center application. You must have got a brief idea that will help you a lot in clearing the Task Manager with this file. I described where you can find this file and how to locate it. Now you came to know how to stop those annoying errors popping up in between because of this ccc.exe file.


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