Buying Good Gymnastics Air Track Mats

When you think of inflatable gymnastics air track mats, your mind can jump directly to sports like gymnastics and cheerleading. But these types of mats are also good for smoothing out movements in sports such as martial arts and park ours. Gymnastics air track comes in different heights to adjust the position you have. The two-valve modes give you the best control over the air and if you really want to create the last drop area, be sure to check out the models with splicing filters so you can keep several together

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If you are ready to buy from Kameymall but are not sure of the search or your first search, you are in the right place. We have put together a shopping guide that will take you through the process and think of what will help you find the perfect inflatable gymnastics mat for you.

Main points

  1. Size

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Inflatable gym mats typically rotate 3 to 3. /5-fixed feet, with a depth / height of 4 to 8 inches. Thus, there are many differences in height choices with a range of 1.5 to 39 feet. Before deciding what is best for you, you should consider the area you have in place to establish a gymnastics air track mat, as well as the handles that will be used. For some techniques, such as martial arts or yoga, you may need 4 or 5 feet to successfully master the art. Or, you may need more space, which can be done with a small 2 and 2 ft. mat.

Other sports and skills used in diving and cheerleading may require a place to practice the many skills practiced in the series. If you have limited space, weigh it carefully. If space is not an issue, for safety reasons always make a mistake on the long run rather than short.

  1. Resources

These mats are designed to protect the body during a critical period of space travel, meaning that the material must be of high quality.

PVC plastic / tarpaulin

Sturdy and durable, PVC is often used as the outer covering for these mats. On the upper side of the mattress may be a soft tissue to protect the skin from scratches and bruises.

Double-wall or drop-sewing

Double wall or drop-drop technology has been around for decades. This technique involves thousands of polyester fibres that combine two woven pieces of polyester. Threads allow for the mat to be filled to a minimum while maintaining a flat surface. Without wires holding the polyester in place, the mat would explode under the required air.

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Train tape

The train tape, which is usually made of PVC, wraps around the outer edge of the mat to secure the seams and the area around the valves.


  1. Carrying handles

You may be able to insert an inflatable gymnastics air track mat and place it in the area where it will be used. But, again, that may not always be the case. Carrying handles on all sides allows you to carry or slide the mat in place. Handles with rubber coating or toe handles provide better control. The longer the meter, the more there should be more handling. Some tunnels are so long that they can take up to four to six people – each using a single handle – to move.

  1. Two valves

The key to the success of using a gym mat to control air pressure the dual valve design provides additional control, allowing you to fill or allow air to reach its pressure without affecting inflation. One valve is usually used for rising prices while the other allows for forced adjustment.

  1. Splicing features

Inflatable gym mats are only between 3 and 3.5-feet ‘wide, which may not have enough space for other equipment. Some mats have Velcro straps on the lower edge. The connecting line can then be used to connect two side-by-side installation mats and applications. Manufacturers may include a connecting cord with a handle while others will need to be requested or purchased separately.

  1. UV coating

Dropping in the backyard can be a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Some air freshener’s gymnastics have a protective up coating to reduce sun damage on the mat. We do not recommend leaving the mat in the sun for long as even up spray can only do more to prevent the breakdown of PVC.

  1. Oriental markings

The task of keeping an eye out when using a mat is not always easy. Almost all with inflatable gym mats have a thick middle line that runs down the entire length of the mat to help with the look. Some stools also have a line that separates the stitches from a short centrepiece that shows in the middle.

  1. Extras

Air pump: if there is one thing you want to include in the mat, it is an air pump. Fortunately, a high-end pump is always included. These mats take a lot of air to provide adequate protection, which can take a long time to reach with a regular air pump. If you have to buy a separate pump from your mat, do not skip it. Choose a good, high-performance mode.

Carrying bag or case: carrying bag adds portability and maintains the ease of the gymnastics air track mat. Handles on a carry-on bag are even bigger, as they are easier to use when the mat is tightly packed and ready to go.

Repair kit: any wrapping device or piece of equipment runs the risk of punctures. Of course find a mat that includes a repair kit. Most patchwork can be done at home as long as you have the right tools, which repair kit, will include.

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