Best Housing Society to Invest in Islamabad

You can buy many things there, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best places to invest in Islamabad housing schemes. Its approval was given by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in 2018. It means that Blue World City Islamabad can legally plan and sell real estate in this part of Islamabad.

How does Blue World City look?

Blue World City is one of the talked-about topics in Islamabad housing societies because the RDA recently gave it the green light to build. RDA gave Blue World City the NOC certificate in August 2018. It means that Blue City is still an excellent place to invest personally and commercially.

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Besides getting a NOC from the RDA, the best reason to look at Blue World City in Islamabad is close to the Islamabad New Airport. Blue Group of Companies says that Blue World City is a “Pak-China friendly city.” In addition, one of the best things about Blue World City is that there are commercial markets in it. It allows for the best flow of sales and retail in Islamabad city. Blue World City is close to the New Islamabad Airport, which means its commercial markets would also suit businesses outside the country.

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Developers of the Blue World City housing project say that there are a lot of different price ranges in the project. The Blue World City housing project in Islamabad is good for the middle class. There are usually very high prices for real estate schemes in cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad. On the other hand, Blue World City says its housing plan is reasonable, and everyone can live in Islamabad with no extra costs.

Chinese Architecture in Blue World City

In Blue World City Islamabad, the well-balanced mix of Chinese architecture and Pakistani construction methods makes it an attractive place to invest in real estate. Most of all, Blue World City wants to make Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan, a good place for Chinese people to live shortly. To help Pakistan and China’s businesses grow, the architecture of Blue World City has been mixed with that of China. For example, Blue World City Islamabad is sticking with its housing plan to meet these standards. It plans to construct Chinese-operated water parks, luxury hotels and resorts, high-quality schools, and a well-designed housing plan in the beautiful landscape of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, which is a great place to live.

Location Specifications of Blue World City

Blue World City meets Chakri interchange in a few kilometers, extending to all the significant areas of Rawalpindi. There is also a Chakri interchange and a Thalian interchange. It then meets the Ring Road and goes to Gulberg, DHA, Bahria Town, and other places. There is a Chakri Interchange on the other side of the Blue World scheme. It goes right to the motorway. Blue World City Islamabad is becoming a significant business and investment attraction because of its location on the map. You can see where Blue World City is on a map of Islamabad. It’s near where the significant intersections of Rawalpindi and Islamabad meet.

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Features of Blue World City

  • Blue World City Islamabad has a lot of different types of residential plots for sale. There are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla plots for sale, and they’re all at a reasonable price for people in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. There are also 20 and 40 Marla plots for sale in the residential area of Blue World City.
  • At Blue World City, there are also a lot of commercial plots for sale. There is a land from 4 to 8 Kanal, commercial plaza zones, and farmhouses for sale.
  • Blue World City is close to the airport and the CPEC, making it a popular destination for many Chinese people who plan to visit Pakistan shortly. This makes it a good place for commercialism and international business.
  • In the Blue City package plan, there is also an electric power plant and an underground electricity network.
  • Blue World City has to have water, gas, and sewage plants to work. Blue World Islamabad will build sewer treatment and water filtration plants to keep their quality high.
  • There will be wide roads at least 40 feet wide in Blue World City Islamabad. Blue World City developers will watch the transportation system to ensure it works well. Also, there will be high-quality surveillance cameras all over Blue City. A map provided by the Blue Group of Companies shows all of the roads in Blue World, which is a city in the United States.
  • Blue World City Islamabad plans to build a copy of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque in its primary area in Islamabad.
  • The Blue Company has a Sports and Cultural Complex, a 3D I-Max Cinema, Oxygen Park and Lake, and many up-to-date shopping plazas and commercially robust real estate in the Blue City, so there’s always something to do.
  • Blue World City wants to build the most significant and first water park in Pakistan. This will be a big draw for both residents and visitors. This massive project of Blue World City makes it stand out from other real estate projects.
  • Blue World City has hospitals, schools, colleges, warm and cold pools, a kids’ play area, and more to ensure residents have everything they need to live there. In the Blue World City map, there is also a police station to keep people safe.


The blue world city Islamabad is a dream home for the people of Pakistan. The most appealing thing about this community is that it is cheap and has modern conveniences. As society moves forward, prices are still low because people don’t have much money yet. It could be a year or two before the prices go up and these low prices are no longer available. BWC is known for its installment payment plans, low prices, and luxurious amenities. So, Estate Land Marketing wants you to take advantage of this great chance to help this community. You can also ask us about the blue world city file price or any other blue world city price. The reviews for Blue World City are out of this world.

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