Avoidance Of Duplication In Research

Content writing is a very sacred job, and if someone is plagiarizing content to create new content capital, then he is not a professional writer and can never be one. Now the problem of plagiarism has increased a lot in the past decade, and this is because people have copied content a lot and have filled the web with duplication and badly rephrased content. You should know, and you will be quite surprised when you read it, more than 30% of content on the web is copied from the other half. 

Today you don’t have to save yourself from deliberate plagiarism rather the more common type of plagiarism or duplication which is running the lives and careers of students and writers is accidental plagiarism. Now accidental plagiarism is an unintentional form of duplication which occurs because of the huge quantity of content published on the web. There is always a chance that two people working in the same niche can be expressing the same views or the same stamen even if they are thousands of miles away from each other. Now if you are wondering how you can avoid and get rid of this problem for duplication, then this resource is the best one for you!

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Article spinner/Paraphrasing tools!

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You might have heard about the paraphrasing tools that exist today on the web. The paraphrasing tools or the content spinning technology can easily help in avoiding the problem of duplication and plagiarism from one’s content. Now first, you should know that article spinner is the tool that can change a duplicated or plagiarized content or file into a unique and new version. You must know that this is done using advanced algorithms, new words, by changing sentence structures and altering the voice of the input content! 

There are many article spinner or paraphrasing tools available on the web, but not all of them are of good repute and are reliable, so you must select the best one for you that can help you create not unique content but also reader and SEO friendly. In this resource, we are going to tell you about the best paraphrasing tool available online and how it works. So, if you are interested in removing plagiarism and duplication from your content, then you should read about the tool discussed below!

Rewriteguru – A Recommended Article Rewriter

The most important tool in the league of an article rewriter is the one by rewriteguru.com. This online paraphrasing tool is one of the best utility because it is simple and free to use. Most importantly, this is one of the only online tools on the web that uses artificial intelligence to create new content for your site or assignment. The artificial intelligence used to rewrite article can help in creating completely new and readable content based on the input content and portraying the same message and idea in the duplicate content. There are many sources on the web that can make unique content, but this paraphrase online tool can make unique as well as readable content which would not at all be spammy or artificial. 

People usually don’t trust online spinner tools because of their complicated interfaces and layouts, so if you are also worried about the difficult and confusing interface of the tool, then you should simply read the spinning steps and that we have mentioned below!

  • Navigate to the main page of the article rewriter by browsing the rewriteguru website.
  • In this  paraphrasing tool, you will see two text boxes empty of text. In the first box, you have to enter content for rewriting or paraphrasing. You can also use the upload buttons in the tool to grab files from your local storage or dropbox.
  • Now when you have completed the input of content in the spinner, you just have to click on the ‘rewrite article’ button.
  • When you complete the previous step you would see that the tool will start reading the content, it will analyze it in a few seconds and then will rewrite a new version of it in the second box which is for the output of text.
  • Now when you get the output text, you can easily check it for plagiarism and grammatical mistakes with the options given under the output box. 

In this way, you can get rid of and avoid duplications of all kinds without any complications and for free!

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Key features of the spinner!

  • You can add hand-picked synonyms for research work or paper!
  • You can spin or paraphrase an unlimited content amount of times.
  • The paraphrasing tool has an auto spinning feature.
  • You can get human-friendly content with this paraphrasing tool.
  • You can avoid plagiarism and remove it if there is any for free.
  • You can use it on the desktop and even on mobile devices!