Are Online Degree Courses Beneficial? Let’s Find Out

Once considered a waste of time, online education has gone a long way and transformed to provide maximum learner benefits. Educational institutions have revamped online degree courses so that most students opt to pursue the courses online to break the barriers. With the opportunity to study from your dream college to study from any corner of the world, online degree courses are a great alternative to full-time courses. If you are still hesitant about picking your favorite course online, let us elaborate and shed some light on the benefits of online degree courses and how this unconventional method will only help accelerate your career. 

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Employer’s Perspective Of Online Degree 

One of the major points that every student worries about before joining any course is whether the employers will consider the degree worth the job role or not. Earlier, employers used to consider the online degree inferior, but with the current quality of education, the case is different. Here are some of the major points that all employers think about your online degree- 

  1. Employers understand the scenario has changed regarding online education. Even the top universities around the globe are now offering bachelor, master, and diploma courses via online platforms. The Covid-19 pandemic also contributed significantly to the rise and acceptance of online degree courses on a global scale. 
  2. Maximum employers focus on skills and want to hire candidates eligible to contribute significantly to the company’s growth. The course can be pursued online or offline. Not having the right skillset will not help you in landing the job. 
  3. Be it an online or offline degree, and accreditation is of utmost importance. If you are opting for the online degree, you need to check the accreditation of the platform and the university providing the degree. It should be legitimate, i.e., accepted by the government and not from fraudulent educational institutions. 
  4. Many employers ask for a reason as to why you pursue an online degree. Ensure that you have a valid reason for financial constraints or family reasons. Whatever the reason is, discuss it with confidence with the employer. This will convince them and keep you both on the same page. 
  5. Another key point that the employers focus on is which tools and resources you learnt in your program and whether you have the same knowledge that a candidate studying a full-time on-campus course has. 

Now that you are fully aware of the employer’s perspective on the online degree course and ready to take the online route, check out the best courses available to know your options. 

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Best Online Degree Courses To Fuel Your Career

You have enormous options to choose from when it comes to online degree courses. Here are some of the options in the bachelor’s and master’s categories- 

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Bachelor’s Degree Programs 

  • Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com)

One of the most opted bachelor’s courses, an online B.Com degree imparts the knowledge of accounting, finance, import-export laws and different policies set by the government. In addition, the course can open doors for learners to pursue higher educational courses around the globe. 

  • Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

The online BBA degree is strategically designed to help learners who are more interested in the business domain and want to turn into entrepreneurs in future. The three-course imparts knowledge related to core business functions, rural and international market potential, business principles and much more. In addition, you can get a handsomely paying job once you complete the course. 

  • Bachelor Of Computer Application (BCA)

An online BCA equips learners with all the latest advancements in computers. You can get hands-on learning on Database Management Systems, Data Communication basics, programming languages, financial accounting principles and more. 

Master’s Degree Programs 

  • Master Of Business Administration (MBA)

An online MBA kickstarts your career like no other course can do. The highly pursued MBA course is every professional’s preferred option to accelerate career growth. The course has various specializations, such as human resource management, finance, retail management, and marketing. 

  • Master Of Computer Applications (MCA)

The MCA degree is the best option for those planning to be involved in strategic roles and dive into innovative technology. The course syllabus includes web technologies, the study of computer networks, cloud DB systems, foundation skills in programming and such. 

  • Master Of Commerce (M.Com)

One of the highly preferred degrees pursued by learners after completing the B.Com is M.Com. In this, you will gain advanced learning of legal technicalities in business, economic policies, financial management and more. 

  • Master Of Arts In Journalism And Mass Communication 

The highly interesting field of journalism & mass communication is among the rising choices among Indian learners. Here you will learn about the analysis of Indian political and social culture, the art of writing, scripting, advertising, public relations and more. 

  • Master Of Science In Data Science

The Master of Science in Data Science program is a highly interdisciplinary field that promises a fulfilling and high-paying career and is the main choice among learners for career transition. In this, you will get to learn different tools and programming languages. 

  • Master Of Science In Business Analytics 

As the name suggests, the master’s program teaches students to learn different tools and techniques for more growth in every vertical. For example, the course will teach you how to churn out information from big data to help the organization make better decisions. 

Apart from these courses, there are various certification programs such as PGCP in Business Analytics, PGCP in Cloud Computing, PGCP in Logistics & Supply Chain Management, and Postgraduate Certificate Program in Management. 

Benefits Of Pursuing Online Degree Course

Here are the benefits of pursuing online degree courses from a reputed platform- 

  1. Flexibility in completing the course 
  2. Learning at your own pace
  3. Networking opportunity 
  4. Opportunity to transition your career without taking a break
  5. Wide range of courses to pursue from 
  6. Low fee in comparison to the full-time course 
  7. Opportunity to study from anywhere and anytime 

Online degree courses are a great opportunity if you are working and want to study further to advance in your career. Apart from this, if you are in a location where accessing good colleges or universities is difficult, you can easily pursue the online course. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to study without any hurdles. If you’re looking to pursue an online degree, Online Manipal is the perfect pick for you. Through Online Manipal, you can graduate with a degree from Manipal University Jaipur, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and T.A. Pai Management Institute. The courses are taught on the immersive learning platform, a digital twin to the physical classes. In addition, various project works, and capstone projects allow you to enhance your skills and gain practical exposure. Apply for your desired courses today and accelerate your career growth!