All you need to know about temple jewelry

What is Temple Jewelry?

Temple Jewelry, as the name implies, is a type of ethnic jewelry made to resemble various Indian Gods and Goddesses. Originally made of gold, temple jewelry was made with various kinds of precious stones and diamonds. The rich history of temple jewelry dates back to the era of the Chola and Pandya empires as they are said to be the creator of temple jewels. It was intended to be worn only by royalty and deities.

In the 21st century, temple jewelry is regarded to be a trendsetter, especially in South India for happy occasions like weddings, festivities, parties, and more. It’s meant for both modest and opulent styles as it is exquisite, especially if you want to don an exceptional classic look that goes in line with your attire.

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 Difference between Temple Jewelry and other jewelry- 

Temple jewelry is pretty much different from other jewelry. It is made of the purest form of gold, silver, and other precious metals which enhances the sheen. Some of the valuable examples of rare gemstones and design elements that lend sparkle to temple jewelry are pearls, emeralds, kundans, meenakari, diamonds, and polka. The usage of precious uncut gems lends the external display of temple jewelry a regal aura and a classical appearance to the jewelry. Temple jewelry uses traditional designs such as lines, floral patterns, birds, and statuettes of regal characters. 

Types of Temple Jewelry- 

  1. Chains- Chains, for one, are the most well-liked and the simplest form of jewelry, primarily embellished to enhance a woman’s beauty. Chains come in both long and short-range, with the usage of valuable gemstones including pearls, rubies, and kemps, and patterns like gold coin strands, flowers, rudrakshas, etc. Check out this website to purchase gold chainsto go well with your attire.
  2. Necklaces and Chokers-Chokers and temple necklaces are essential pieces of jewelry used by women to accentuate the elegance of their necks and bring honor to special ceremonies. The necklaces and chokers possess brilliance thanks to the use of different valuable and semi-precious gemstones and pearls. Several gold jewelry designsuse precious or semi-precious gemstones to create temple jewelry these days.
  3. Bangles and Bracelets-Bracelets or bangles are by far, the most crucial pieces of jewelry for married women as they signify their marriage bond with their partners and enhance their beauty. Everyone these days prefers temple bangles or bracelets as it comes in a wide range of styles, from hefty wristbands to swinging bangles. 
  4. Rings and Toe-Rings-The use of figurines of gods or goddesses as centerpieces has increased significantly over the past few millennia. These temple rings are expertly designed to bring the jewelry a gorgeous appearance and render it appealing. As the names imply, toe rings are typically made of silver and are worn on the toes by women during and after wedding ceremonies. 
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  6. Armlets-Armlets have become a status symbol to be worn at wedding ceremonies or customs. It comes with strands to tie around the arms or classic attaching armlets. They are composed in the style of a temple vestibule, bearing in mind their historical significance.
  7. Anklets-Who wouldn’t like anklets? It is beautiful jewelry worn on your ankles that is made of silver as the core metal, covered in gold to provide them with a dazzling appearance. These used to be the central highlights of classical dancers wearing heavy anklets with trinkets during ancient times, although, they are worn by women, in general, these days. 

 Cultural Significance of Temple Jewelry- 

Given the essence of temple jewelry, each moment you don a jewel, you will sense the proximity of the sublime. Even in modern times, brides still want to include a little heritage into their special day. Temple jewelry adds the ideal classic perfect finish to a fashionable outfit. Even more so than diamonds, this type of jewelry is a superb expenditure for the bridal trousseau because it utilizes large amounts of gold.